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By BangkokCityExplorer | May 10, 2021
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Hello to all people who love Thailand!

When you are visiting Bangkok, for sure you want to visit some famous tourist sights, one of it is the famous temple Wat Arun. Probably you have seen some of the beautiful photos, taking at sunset. The temple is close to the Chao Phraya river, so its very easy to get there.

When you able to, start your tour at the BTS station Saphan Taksin, then walk two minutes to the near traffic spot for expressboats on the Chao Phraya, with the name, Sathorn (Taksin) Pier. On the Chao Phraye are different expressboat lines. Not each line stops at every station. You can recognize the different expresboat lines at their color flags. The Orange Line stops at most of the stations, you can take the Orange Line till river station #8 - Tha Tien, its on the opposite to the Wat Arun Temple, from there take the ferry to the other side of the river.

If you prefer driving with air condition, you can take the MRT Blue Line till the station Sanam Chai. From there its not very far to walk to the pier and Tha Tien station.

TIP: The station Tha Tien is an important boat station, from here its also not far away to go to the other famous temples Wat Pho and The Grand Palace!

I did different, why?

I know the ways getting to the Wat Arun Temple and this time I decided to try another route. I took the MRT Blue Line till the station Itsaraphap. Doing this has the advantage that you are on the correct river side of the Wat Arun Temple. The disadvantage is, its a little bit more to walk. I decided to do this and took a motorbike taxi from the MRT station to the temple. I really love driving on a motorbike taxi, but you should only do so if you like to ride scooter and if the driver has a helmet available for you!

Arrive at the Wat Arun Temple

I arrived the temple from the south side. Walking between the buildings, you can see the Wat Arun Temple very fast and my first impressions were fulfilling my expectations. Getting closer to the temple, the impressions about were varied. First of all, the Wat Arun is First Class Royal Temple, this make this feeling as something special. On the other hand, on the temple complex are several beautiful buildings to see.

Beautiful buildings

When you walk on the temple complex, take your time! you can see some beautiful buildings and you can go inside. You will get some wonderful impressions, and if you are familiar and like, you can pray.

Show respect!

I know, you are a tourist, a visitor of Thailand, a visitor of Bangkok and I am sure you love this country, the Thai people and the Thai culture. Please respect Thai religion, respect the believe in Buddha. There are signs on the complex which reminds poeple who forget thinking about this point. The signs reminds you that its wrong to use symbols of Buddha as bar decoration, its wrong to use symbols of Buddha as tattoos - it means no respect!

Last but not least, when you visit the temple complex, please follow the dress code as when you visit every temple, its means: wearing long pants or long dresses and long shirts, dont show your legs, dont wear shorts. Thank you :-)

You can walk upstairs the Wat Arun Temple, maybe not completely to the top, but high enough to get a view over the beautiful temple complex and from the detailed art from the Wat Arun Temple.

If you want to see more!

Take your time, take enough time to visit the Wat Arun Temple and get enough impressions from this beautitul temple complex! Dont forget to drink enough, its always hot in Bangkok and on a sunny day you need to drink enough water.

TIP: When you plan your tour to the Wat Arun Temple, think about if you combine your tour to visit the other two very famous temples on the other side of the Chao Phraya river: the Wat Pho Temple and The Grand Palace. If you feel not fit to do on one day, come back and do it another day, you will regret if you miss these other beautiful places! And maybe you start your tour in the early afternoon, when time of sunset is coming, go back to the Chao Phraya and wait till the sun gets behind the horizon behind the Wat Arun Temple, to take a special photo.

Thank you for reading my blog, enjoy your next travel to Bangkok !

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