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    Jun 13, 2022• by Colette

    8 Distilleries in Northern Ireland to Explore

    Did you know that the Old Bushmills Whiskey Distillery in County Antrim was granted a whiskey distilling license as far back as 1608? That makes it the oldest distillery on the island of Ireland. In...

    Apr 5, 2021• by FOREwardA

    Stena Edda - Poetry in Motion

    This blog follows a round trip journey aboard Stena Edda, a vessel which primarily operates on Stena Line's Birkenhead (Liverpool) / Belfast route which is where I caught up with her. Why call...

    Jun 7, 2018• by tourbelfast

    Free tours at Belfast Parliament Buildings

    One of the best tours in Belfast is free. At 11am and 2pm Monday to Friday there is a free tour of the Parliament Buildings at Stormont. The buildings date back to 1923 and is steeped in the...

    Jun 2, 2018• by themartiway

    Local restaurants in Northern Ireland: Book Ahead

    Since Northern Ireland had its year of food in 2016, restaurants here have been winning many awards. My random tip would be to book ahead, as many restaurants close early in the winter time if not...

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