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    Jan 18, 2020• by BosaTours

    Nicaragua: Top 5 Destinations

    Nicaragua is an authentic country. Its natural beauty and warmth of the locals capture the hearts of each traveler. I dare to say, the country is one of the most paradisiacal destinations in Central...

    Aug 22, 2019• by BosaTours

    Visiting Ometepe Island, Nicaragua

    Ometepe Island is a real Natural Wonder. No words are enough to describe its beauty. - Nominated to be among the 7 Natural Wonders of the World - It has an 8 - shape - It has 2 volcanoes, one...

    Mar 27, 2019• by scubarob

    Ometepe Island in Nicaragua

    On my way to Copàn through Nicaragua and Honduras I have visited the cities of Riva, Ometepe, Granada and Leon. Crossing Nicaragua is an adventure in itself mainly because of the untouched...

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