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Oct 16, 2020• by Howlermagazine

Jalil El Harrar: Capturing the Dance Behind the Lens of Jacó Photographer

Jalil El Harrar is a German photographer now living on the Central Pacific coast of Costa Rica. He is a master of capturing art in nature, transpiring over years of disciplined observation and...

Oct 13, 2020• by Howlermagazine

Leatherbacks : A Close to Home Concern

The leatherback sea turtle is the largest of all surviving turtle species. It's also the fourth heaviest reptile, with three species of crocodile weighing more. Leatherbacks are differentiated from...

Oct 11, 2020• by Howlermagazine

Braving Salsa Brava

Salsa Brava is a surf spot that is not for the faint of heart or those lacking advanced-level skills. It is renowned as Costa Rica's most perilous break, attracting challenge-seeking surfers from...

Oct 9, 2020• by Howlermagazine

Cruising in Style to Isla Tortuga

Cruising in Style to Isla Tortuga: Luxury-Infused Adventure Outside of Jacó. Just like the desktop wallpaper image of a dreamlike tropical island, Isla Tortuga may surpass the most exotic limits of...

Oct 7, 2020• by Howlermagazine

Just Seven Days? San José Says You Can

Starting and ending your visit to Costa Rica from the country's busiest arrival and departure point, Juan Santamaría International Airport is about 20 minutes from the heart of the capital city, San...

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