Responsible Tourism in Central America

By mayantravel | Jun 25, 2021

Guatemala, Central America and Mexico offer a broad range of opportunities for those who prefer specialized responsible tourism with world service and amiability, such as those that distinguish Guatemalans.

Rural Community Based Tourism

Guatemala is a country of exclusive cultural abundance with amazing natural resources that make it in the countries which should be in your bucket list, just like other areas of Central America. Exploring and mixing in the communities is an intercultural meeting where you can see handicrafts, gastronomy, customs and Mayan traditions.

The cultural richness is handled by organized rural communities who accurately show the value of its cultural and natural legacy. In the rural towns, you have the option to experience outdoor tours from trekking in the rainforest or jungle, sports, bird watching, coffee tours, visits to Mayan sites, craft activities, to sharing with indigenous communities, who will gladly be your hosts and new friends. Inhabitants offer an enduring experience by sharing their work, lifestyle and culture with those who visit them. The rural destinations are located throughout the entire country.


Central America, a birdwatcher paradise
Even though Guatemala is a small country, it is a huge land with natural and cultural diversity. The country holds natural and diverse environments that go from beaches to volcanoes and from dry forests to tropical humid jungles. In these ecosystems, Guatemala reports 720 bird species from which at least 150 are native of the regions.

The country has developed five tourist routes for birdwatching. Such routes are: Centre of the Highlands, Pacific coast line, Caribbean West, the vast jungles in the north which together confirm a total of 42 destinations with facilities for birdwatching. Among the bird species that stand out are the resplendent Quetzal, the National bird of the country.

Birdwatching is an important tourist activity that contributes to the protection of the natural and cultural heritage as it motivates the formation and assistance to the protected areas and the development of communitarian tourist projects.

Health and Wellness Tourism

Central America and Mexico
Guatemala is a dream destination for travelers who need medical treatment, since it is the perfect combination of first class health services and a lovely land. Along with conventional medicine, the country also offers centers of alternative medicine, recreation and relaxation. All these characteristics are combined to the excellent summer-like weather, ideal for recovery and enjoyment. The hospitality and the competing prices are advantages that famed Guatemala from other destinations.


Central America, the leading cultural destinations of the world.
Guatemala, Mexico, El Salvador and Honduras illustrate the leading cultural destinations of the world. There, the popular traditions are revealed genuinely. The Guatemala ancient Mayan culture is originated by the pre-Hispanic indigenous heritage. Cultural guidances and beliefs from the colonial period are added as well. Certainly, the contemporary date brings its uniqueness, creating an uncommon blend in this country of magical contrasts.

Guatemala is a country for travelers with all types of tourist desires. They may appreciate traditions that have lasted from generation to generation through the oral habits. A few of such traditions are dance, music, and indigenous relevant art. Holy Week is one of the most relevant, cultural, and religious expressions for its deep religious syncretism. Moreover, the Flying Stick, the Horseback riding race in Todos Santos, and the Gigantic Kites of Sacatepequez (huge kites that are flown with messages for the founders of the culture) every November the 1st, these are only some of the displays of the cultural richness of this amazing country.

The Guatemalan and Mexican gastronomy has pre-Hispanic essences and displays a colorful mosaic of flavors and exquisite aromas. Each region owns meals made with ancestral techniques that blend a diversity of spices, fruits, and vegetables model of the country.


The handcrafts are an exquisite remark of Latin American culture. The traveler may encounter a huge variety of beautiful finished handcrafts from every department. Many products can be bought by accessible prices: handmade, colorful textiles, carved wood, silver, jade jewelry, candles, pottery, blown glass, leather articles, and many more handcrafts that distinguish the cultural diversification of this small, but great country.

Visiting the colorful markets of the indigenous regions is a must, notably the ones in Chichicastenango, San Francisco el Alto, and the ones in the diverse towns around Lake Atitlan, among others. The Central Market of Guatemala City, the Handcraft Market located close to the International Airport La Aurora, and the Handcraft Market of the city of Antigua Guatemala offer a wide selection of products.

Spanish Schools

The best destinations in Latin America for learning Spanish
Guatemala and Central America are within of the best destinations in Latin America for learning Spanish through a personalized approach coordinated by the Ministry of Education of each country. Travelers who come to learn the language also have the opportunity to stay with Guatemalan families in their own house and share with them their everyday life. This boosts the vocabulary learnt in class and the awareness of the traditions of the country.

Central America has several destinations to learn Spanish, which can also be enjoyed by appreciating nature, biodiversity, ecotourism, lakes, volcanoes, adventure, Mayan and colonial cities, culture, traditions and exquisite gastronomy.

Business Meeting Travel

Guatemala offers a honored geographical position, the best hotel prices in Central America, infrastructure, and practice for the organization of conferences, conventions, and incentive travel for business tourists. The city also offers national and international hotels, four and five star hotel chains, modernized facilities, convention centers, and areas for the organization of any type of fairs.

It has road and air networks that facilitate broad and fast connections with major cities worldwide. Moreover, its road base permits the traveler business to move rapidly from one place to another and enjoy additional tours and attractions such as hikes or visits to the colonial towns, and Mayan sites, among many others.

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