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Hi! We are Ku and T, otherwise known as journey-junkies! We are from Brighton in the UK and a passionate about travel and adventure! We travel light, cheap and slow and frequently housesit (we love animals too!) Travel Light – We have been carrying only daypacks since we took a trip to South East Asia in 2011. We don’t check bags and the pros far outweigh the cons. We both agree that we could never go back to carrying full-size backpacks! Travel Cheap – We travel on a budget and therefore are able to travel for longer periods of time. We are not averse to a night in a mid-range hotel if we feel the need to, but generally we take local buses, eat street food and stay in budget accomodation. Travel Slow – We enjoy taking our time to get to know places in depth rather than rushing around checking off the sights. We love to befriend the locals and make wherever we happen to be our home for a while. Housesitting - Housesitting forms the basis of journey-junkies nomadic lifestyle. We have carried out around 300 housesits since 2012. This has not only saved us thousands of dollars every year, but has been an incredible experience. As well as getting to know a wonderful array of pets, it has allowed us to live like locals in cultures very different to our own. From Remote Landscapes to Dynamic Cities We love camping and hiking in deserts, forests, and mountains. Nothing beats being in nature and exploring extraordinary landscapes. Additionally, we also enjoy a fix of big city living – art galleries, museums, street art, restaurants and the buzz of the streets. New York, San Francisco, and Mexico City are three of our favourite places in the world. We have travelled or lived in over fifty countries and our favourites to date are the equally colourful and compelling India and Mexico. We also love the wild, open spaces of the American South West. Seeking out the unusual is something else which journey-junkies love to do. As a matter of fact, we have been known to travel hundreds of miles out of our way to visit such offbeat attractions as the jungle wonderland of Las Pozas in Mexico and Nek Chand’s bizarre gardens in India. Fusterlandia in Cuba, Terracotta House in Colombia and Chauchilla Cemetery in Peru are a few of our other favourites. We hope you find inspiration from our tips!

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