Pentland Hills

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    Feb 10, 2021• by BecandPip

    Hills, Show and Soft Furnishings

    The thing about being women of a certain age is that we can get a little bit tired. Pip and I have been back at work for two weeks now and we've both had the busiest January ever. This, coupled...

    Feb 8, 2021• by BecandPip

    Fire Pits and Maps

    "Let's have a winter BBQ!" announced Ever Patient Husband one dark evening last autumn. "Hmmm." I replied, hoping he would forget all about it and we could all move on. Sadly, this was not to be...

    Nov 8, 2020• by BecandPip

    The Hills Are Alive with The Sound of Whinging!

    “I'm going to re-virginate.” Announced Pip, as we drove from one car park to another in order to find the type of weather she was happy to walk up a hill in. It seems that rain and wind...

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