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Jun 28, 2020• by wasatch

Quick Tips on Russian River Cruises

Here are the basics of a planning a Russian River cruise: 1] Its a most impressive trip. 2] Obtaining a visa is a time consuming and costly necessity 3] Pickpockets and purse snatchers ore...

Apr 13, 2020• by wasatch

Choosing a River Cruise Itinerary

From our experiences on ten river cruises, here's what to consider in picking a river cruise. We have traveled with cruise operators Uniworld, Viking, Avalon,Vantage, and AMA Waterways(originally...

Jan 30, 2020• by Balloon_Adventures_Prague

Cool, Hidden and Unusual Things to Do in Prague

Ahoj! We are Balloon Adventures Prague, a bunch of hot air balloon enthusiasts. As locals we want to give you some tips about Prague Hidden Gems, so here we are with series of blog posts. Let’s...

Jul 16, 2019• by HanneMaria

Next stop: Finland – where to go and why?

Finland is a small country in the north, in Scandinavia, with 5,5 million inhabitants. It’s a peaceful place with tens of thousands of lakes and forest, everywhere. Don’t get me wrong, we do have...

Dec 29, 2018• by Farawaysuites

Vang Vieng, Laos: the gem of Southeast Asia

Vang Vieng is well know for its natural wonders such as exquisite emerald blue lagoons, kilometres long caves and the dreamy Namsong river Other then beautiful nature there is also the notorious...

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