Domašínsky Meander is the Counterpart to the American Horseshoe Bend

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Domašínsky meander

Meanders are among the most interesting natural phenomena whose gravity and dramaticness increase when they are in a narrow breakthrough across the mountains. Very well known worldwide is the meander of Horseshoe in Arizona, USA. Those who do not want to travel thousands of kilometers can see the same breathtaking natural phenomenon in Slovakia. Domašínsky meander is a unique river phenomenon. It is located on the river Váh and divides Malá Fatra into Lúčanská and Krivánska parts.

Horseshoe Bend, Arizona, Source: Pixabay

Domašínsky meander is the largest natural creation of Malá Fatra with an area of about 80.37 ha. This phenomenon is very rare in this area.
The river did not win over Domašín Hill (575 m), which stood Váh in the road and forced it to flow in an arc.

Domašínsky meander, Slovakia, Source: Pixabay

Margita and Besna

In the past, two rocks stood at the top of the meander: Margita and Besná, which posed a danger to many rafts and claimed several lives. In 1938, they were shot off and the material was used to build a railway line.

The route to the Domašínsky meander

The most beautiful view of the Domašín meander is from the ruins of the Old Castle (Starhrad, Varín Castle). A red marked hiking trail leads from Nezbudská Lúčka to the main back of the Krivánská Fatra.
Strečno Castle is located at the western end and Old Castle (Starhrad, Varín Castle) rises a few tens of meters high above the breakthrough.

Tourists who want to experience the wild waves of the river Vah on their own skin can navigate the 7 km long raft.
Despite the fact that traffic has moved from the water to the road, the route under Strečno has remained dangerous.
Domašínsky meander.

Domašínsky meander. Source: Unsplash ( Branislav Knappek)

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