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    Nov 14, 2020• by thewanderingpro

    The Complete Travel Guide to San Diego

    San Diego is one of my favorite cities for several reasons. 1) The weather is perfect pretty much all the time. 2) The sunsets are incredible. 3) The food. 4) Top Gun, was filmed there. I mean I...

    Aug 26, 2019• by adventuringeverafter

    8 Free Things You Can Do During Summer in San Diego

    If you are visiting San Diego this summer, here are 8 FREE THINGS that you and your family can participate in: This is one of my favorites to do in any city. You bring your chairs, some snacks...

    Aug 21, 2018• by Nikkicaliquests

    The 15 best free things to do in San Diego, California

    Whoever told you that you need a big budget to enjoy San Diego (SD) clearly lied to you! There are so many amazing activities to do in “America’s Finest City.” Due to the year-round...

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