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    Jun 3, 2019• by GlobeWatchers

    Visiting Alcatraz Federal Prison

    Hi everyone! Here we are again with another adventure. This time we had an incredible, yet scary experience and it had everything to do with a prison. Not just a prison, but the Alcatraz...

    Apr 20, 2019• by facilitateluxury

    California Dreaming

    One of my favorite parts of traveling is seeing incredible views unlike any other. Sure, you can live vicariously through photos, but experiencing places in person really throws you into the moment...

    Aug 21, 2018• by Nikkicaliquests

    How to cross the Golden Gate Bridge for under $3

    76X Bus Line (SFMTA/MUN) MUNI is the name of the public transportation system (SFMTA) located in San Francisco County. The bus fare costs $2.75 for adults and is free for children under 5 ...

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