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    Nov 18, 2019• by mullaroundtheworld

    One Day in Australia's Blue Mountains

    Australia's Blue Mountains are known for their dramatic scenery, with artsy villages tucked in between cliffs, waterfalls, caves and forests. Located to the west of Sydney in New South Wales...

    Oct 25, 2019• by WanderlushTravel

    Why You Should Do a Working Holiday Visa in Australia

    A working holiday visa can be one of the best ways to experience a country while earning money and travelling. Depending what country you are from you just might be eligible to complete a working...

    Jan 30, 2019• by AlanKerr7

    What To Do On Magnetic Island If You Don't Have A Tour!

    8km off the coast of Townsville, you’ll find Magnetic Island. It looks like something straight out the Jurassic Park/ World films. Suzanne and I got the ferry tickets as part of our activities...

    Jan 23, 2019• by wanderingsuz

    The perfect itinerary for 2 weeks in Australia

    Australia a a huge country. It is as big as the US but with the population of New York city. You would need at least a month to see the different territories and let's face it, most people can't take...

    Jan 19, 2019• by Sydneysider

    First day in Sydney

    The very first thing which you should do in a new City is to join the local Free Tours. It will help you quickly learn not only the history of the place, but the layout of the City, location of...

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