Solange Lavander

Solange Lavander


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Country: United Kingdom

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Born and raised in Lima, Peru, and now based in London. I’ve lived in different places such as Florida, New York, California; U.S., as well as Switzerland, France and UK. I have a Business background that started in the U.S. and continued in Peru. More than a decade ago, I had a career break, moved to Paris, studied at the French school of culinary arts, Le Cordon Bleu, and officially became a chef. I started travelling and exploring different cultures and landscapes on family trips at a very young age. I have been a tourist, an exchange student, an international student, a backpacker, a business traveller, and an expat. When I travel, I like to take time to explore on foot, meet people, taste the local cuisine and observe the local lifestyle. I prefer to have my own opinion about a place, the people and the culture, by observing, interacting and experiencing.

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