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We are Gerrod and Lauren Schirtzinger, a fairly average American couple that has been married since September 2017. We have always enjoyed traveling together, and have recently decided to take that passion to the next level. So, Gerrod quit his job, and Lauren’s boss was super-duper cool and is letting her take a leave of absence from work and we are taking a (hopefully) epic year-long trip around the world! While Lauren prefers to spend most of her time outdoors, Gerrod makes sure we occasionally talk to other travelers and explore museums and cities. Our goal is to share our travel stories so our family doesn’t think we are dead. Oh and to maybe inspire as many people as we can to live a life of adventure and not be afraid to explore the unknown. We invite you to share in our journey as we hike, dive, and explore the world as it was meant to be seen, on foot!

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