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Hello there, For the last 20 years, I’ve visited 46 countries by ships (ocean cruises, river cruises, yachting), planes, trains, & automobiles. Back when I first started travelling, there was no social media, cellphones were like bricks, and disposable cameras were the “it”, and there were no selfies or groupies :). We saw the world OLD SCHOOL. Can you relate? With my camera in tow, I’m a story teller when traveling. Places that capture my imagination, places with history, places that are exotic and have yet to be discovered. And above all, places where I can admire God’s creations (e.g. nature, beaches, wildlife). Living near the Canadian Rockies heightened my passion for outdoor adventures. I love nature, so you’ll find me hiking during summer & snowshoeing during winter. Whatever floats my boat. The mountains are mine for the taking 🙂

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