We Reached 2,000 Travel Tips on Triptipedia!

There are now more than 2,000 travel tips on Triptipedia, a wealth of experiences and unique perspectives to inspire you to travel with confidence!

2000 travel tips!

We'd like to thank all 876 contributors (as of November 2020) who took the time to share their travel tips on our platform, especially our top 10:

If you are curious, the live number of travel tips published on Triptipedia (as well as a few other statistics) is available in our about page. Nearly 100 new travel tips are added each month.

Our main requirement to contribute to Triptipedia is to share travel advice. However, locations and topics are freely chosen by the authors. Everyday, new travel tips are featured on the front page and always come as a surprise, even to us!

So far, here are the top countries picked by our contributors:

And the top categories are:

If you’d like to share your own travel tips, head over to our contribute page where you’ll find all the information you need to get started.

See you soon on Triptipedia!

Published by Triptipedia on 11/11/2020

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