Nov 6, 2019• by Gotravelwithpurpose

No More Tipping Guilt

I must admit, I am starting to feel numb to tipping guilt. Or perhaps I should say not-tipping guilt, a feeling closely related to souvenir-exhaustion. Long-term travelers tend to get overexposed to...

Nov 5, 2019• by MyCubaRentals

Cuban Currency and Travel Tips

In Cuba, cash is king and credit/debit cards simply won't work. There are two currencies: Cuban Peso Nacional (CUP) for locals and Cuban Convertible Peso (CUC) for foreigners. CUP...

Oct 2, 2019• by Sofia Top Tours

Currency and payment in Bulgaria

Bulgaria is one of the few European Union member states that still uses its own currency – the Bulgarian LEV (BGN). The Bulgarian lev has a fixed exchange rate for the EUR with a currency rate of...

Jul 3, 2019• by theburkharts

Money Saving Websites We Use

Keith and I try to stick to a very strict budget so I am always looking for ways to save money or get money back. When we sold everything and moved to Mexico we were debt free. Sadly, now that...

Jun 19, 2019• by Ale

ATM withdrawal in Spain without fees

In Spain you'll find that most ATMs ("cajero automático" in Spanish, "caixer" in Catalan) have a fix withdrawing fee for international cards like Visa/Mastercard. ATMs that have fees are legally...

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