Packing light

Mar 12, 2019• by MATCH ATLAS

How To Pack What You'll Actually Wear on Your Next Trip

There are photos of open suitcases all over our Instagram feed and there's a good reason--beautifully packed suitcases are works of art to a traveler. Here at MATCH ATLAS, our favorite way to...

Feb 19, 2019• by ReneNicole

Packing for long-term Travel

It can be incredibly difficult deciding what to take for a long trip. How do you know what you'll need? After several longer trips, this is what I've found I actually use from my pack. Of course, it...

Dec 10, 2018• by Budget Bucket List

Multi-Day Hiking Packing List

MULTI DAY HIKING PACKING LIST FOR WARM CLIMATE Two changes of clothes, clothing items depending on weather: Wearing one set for two days, one clean pair for the other two... yes you’re gonna...

Jul 25, 2018• by IndeBo

Inbound India: Tips for Travellers

India is a lot packed in itself. It’s chaotic and crazy, intoxicating and mesmerising, liberating and scary, and wonderful and overwhelming, all at once. Travelling to India is no mean feat but...

Feb 17, 2018• by Clem

Maybe you don't need a universal travel adapter

Most accommodations (hotels, hostels, guesthouses, airbnbs...) already have plug adapters so perhaps you don't need to buy one. Worst case scenario, there is none and you can buy one in a nearby...

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Packing light?