5 Things to do on Tidung Island

By WonderfulTidung | Oct 31, 2018
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There is a lot to do on the island. Here are listed some activities and attractions available:

1. Snorkeling or Diving trip

There are a lot of places that offer snorkeling gears and trips around the island. However I think the best way to explore underwater world is to hire a boat and snorkel around the west shore near the sunset beach. On the island there are 2 certified PADI dive masters available if you would like to go diving.

Snorkeling around Tidung Island

Snorkeling around Tidung Island

2. Jump off Jembatan Cinta

If you like adrenaline activities, maybe you can try to jump off the Jembatan Cinta bridge. This could be exciting fun even for young visitors.

Jembatan Cinta

Jembatan Cinta

3. Sunset Beach

Nice place to relax during the day or just enjoy wonderful sunset view at the evening.

Beach on  Tidung Island

Beach on Tidung Island

4. Fishing

There are some nice spots around the island from shore fishing, however the best experience is to go fishing on open sea. September till late November is season for tuna and jack fish, however, there is plenty of fish during the year. Experienced fishermen can take you to night fishing as well. Please note that the sea can get bit rough during the months of December till March.

5. Dolphins sightseeing

Dolphins are common around the island and you can have really close up experience. There are no tourist boats around and it will be only you and the dolphins swimming along the boat and showing off their jumps.



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