12 Must-Have Travel Apps

By GlobeWatchers | Jun 2, 2019

Hola pola, gorgonzola!

Glad you’ve noticed my little rhyme.

Time for another blogpost! This time, Globe Watchers isn’t on a next destination, BUT we want to give you tips of which apps you can use to make your own trip easier! Not just any app, but THE 12 MUST-HAVE TRAVEL APPS.

First of all, we all use apps on a daily basis and of course they are also very convenient. We always carry them around in our little pocket or bag, so why not make most of it during your trip?

Before we start with the 12 must-have travel apps, we would like to name 3 apps first. These apps are very famous and you probably already these, but you can’t go on a trip without these:

  • AirBNB – to find a cheap and local place to sleep.
  • Uber – to find a cheap taxi very fast.
  • Waze – for the last traffic updates, when you’re driving yourself.

Nothing new, but very useful on your trip!
So let’s start now with the 12 must-have travel apps!

1. Guides by Lonely Planet

A very easy and good-looking app in which you can get to know everything about a certain place, with offline maps, must-see sights and all the activities you can do, transport info, a currency converter…
You just simply choose a city, download the guide and click in the menu on ‘see’, ‘learn’, ‘eat’, ‘sleep’, ‘shop’…

2. Buddy

Not only has this app the cutest logo, but it’s a very good app as well! With ‘Buddy’, you can keep track of all your expenses. You just click on ‘add an expense’ and you can choose the category, the price… If you’re traveling on a budget, you can put a limit and/or maximum price so you’ll never spend too much!

3. WIFI finder

Hell yeah WIFI! Kinda of important if you want to use our 12 must-have travel apps, right? With ‘WIFI finder’ you can see if there are any WIFI spots near your location. Not only that, but you also see the different aspects of the WIFI: if you can use the WIFI for email, browsing, gaming, streaming, video chat… Also how many Mbps you can use!

4. Toilet Finder

Yes, you’re reading this correctly, The Toilet Finder‼ When you’re traveling, you don’t always have a toilet nearby, so hey! Why not use an app for it? Open the app and the route to the nearest FREE toilet is calculated for you. If you use the toilet, you can rate it: you can say if it still exists, if it’s for free, if you can eat there… and so on!
Free toilets for the win! (You’re welcome)


The fifth app we recommend for you to download for your next trip: IEXIT. This app is very useful when you’re driving yourself in a country or area you don’t know. It’s basically a sort of GPS that says what upcoming exits there are on the highway, with which shops, gas stations, restaurants and the price of it all.

6. Roadtrippers

This app is useful to plan a route. Map your route and save all the activities you will do, the restaurants you want to eat in and the app says how to drive to the next stop and puts them into the right efficient order. Great to plan a long trip or a weekend!

7. XE Currency

A bit logical that we choose a currency converter, but you absolutely need this one! If you’re standing in a supermarket in a country with a different currency than your own, you just type the number and voilaaaa!

8. First Aid

Hopefully you won’t need this one on your trip, but better be safe than sorry. We take the app of ‘First aid White Cross as an example, but there are many alternatives. You can use it to find information in your neighbourhood, call the right numbers in a case of emergency or to check what to do in case of an emergency. This can be a cut, burns, broken bones, an earthquakes… and many, many more situations!

9. Skyscanner

This app is famous as well. You can use it to book you flight tickets, hotels, cars… The nicest thing about it? It’s full of TOP DEALS! It’s a great way to save money or to compare your own deal!

10. Moovit

The app Moovit will be your personal assistant for the public transport. You simply choose the location you need to go to and there you go, the best route with public transport is given! Easy to use with a clear overview!

11. Google Translate

Surprise, surprise… so famous and oh so convienient. Not always grammatically correct, but I’m sure people will understand you! Also with the ‘Speak-button’, you will learn how to pronounce the translated words!

12. Mapify

You can bucketlist your favourite places to plan your next adventure. The app also gives additional recommended spots to visit and you can join the community of globetrotters! You can inspire other travellers by visualising your experience!

Hope these apps were useful to you and feel free to ask us any questions!

Thanks for reading and see ya in the next tip!


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