What not to miss on a visit to Jordan


    Jordan is a fascinating country to visit. It is the perfect introduction to the Middle East. It is small, relatively easy to get around in and has one of the most amazing archaeological wonders in the world! When planning a trip to Jordan, whether you are backpacking, taking a tour, planning to rent a car, or looking for the most unique accomodation, there is something for everyone!

    Try All the Local Dishes

    My biggest suggestion for every visitor to Jordan is to try all of the local foods in the country! Whether it is schwarma, ful, hummous, maqluba or the popular traditional dish, mansaf, enjoy all of the Middle Eastern flavors in Jordan! Their dishes are well spiced and flavorful and Jordan is known for some of the best Middle Eastern foods

    Mansaf in Jordan

    Mansaf in Jordan

    Do Not Rush Through Petra

    Petra, one of the new seven wonders of the world, is well worth more than just a few hours! Give yourself an overnight in nearby Wadi Musa to be able to explore for a full day! It is at least 3 hours from Amman and just under 2 hours from Aqaba, although it can be done in a day, an overnight stay is much better!

    Explore Amman

    From the Amman Citadel to the Roman Theatre to all of the best places to eat in Amman, there is lots to see. Plan your day so you know how to get from A to B.

    Amman Citadel

    Amman Citadel

    Wadi Rum Is Worth an Overnight

    Wadi Rum is like no place on Earth! It is known for its Mars-like landscape and has recently been the backdrop for Star Wars and the Martian. Take a 2 hour jeep tour and spend a night in a bedouin camp before your continue on your trip in Jordan.

    Snorkel the Red Sea

    For those who love the water, a visit to Aqaba and the Red Sea is worth the trip. The Red Sea coast is known for its dive sites. There are lots of half day tours available!

    Visit Jerash in Northern Jordan

    One of the most underrated places in Jordan to visit is Jerash. It is the most well preserved Roman city outside of Rome! It is one hour from Amman and plan to spend 1-2 hours here!

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    Written by stepintojordan
    It is easy to fall in love with Jordan on a visit to the Kingdom. I am passionate about helping travelers navigate their trips to Petra, Wadi Rum and More. I hope my website proved helpful!

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