Great Local Food in Istanbhul: Meshur Halk Koftecisi

By wasatch | Jul 16, 2021
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Time Machines do exist, places like the Bratwurst stand in Bernkastle, Germany or Chick's Cafe in Heber City, UT, and Meshur Halk Kofteccisi, are foody Time Machines that take us back half a century or more to show us what restaurants used to be like. Concerning the food, the news is not always good (Chick's Cafe), but for Meshur Halk Kofteccisi, the food news is spectacular. Our diner at Meshur Halk Kofteccisi ranks among the best we have ever had anywhere in Europe, and we have spent something like 600 days traveling in Europe, eating at everything from 3 star Michelin restaurants to basic low priced bargains like Meshur Halk Kofteccisi

There seem to be 3 types of grilled meat in Turkish cuisine, Kebabs-- small chucks of meat or chicken; flat pieces of meat or chicken; and Kofte, a unique Turkish meatball. Meshur Halk Koftecisi served all three. I suppose the logic is that they are all grilled Turkish meats. The size of the servings would be called “small plates” diners in the USA or Dim Sum in China. This is good because to get a meal's worth of food, you have to order 2 to 4 different things-- its a Tasting Menu.

This small hole in the wall eatery has so little ambiance that it has character-- simple, basic, bright, spick-n-span white walls with a few photos and some dark wood trim. Brisk brusque service, and low prices. Meshur Halk Koftecisi has a very limited menu, but by not trying to do everything, what they do do is done as well as it can be done. Terrific food served piping hot by brusque but efficient waiters.

Our only complaint is that we did not go back on our second night in Istanbul.

No credit cards.

Location: A block or two from the Blue Mosque, Divan Yolu is the main shopping drag in Sultamet. We found it by the street number, #12, not by name.

Meshur Halk Koftecisi
Divan Yolu 12, Istanbul, Turkey (Sultanahmet)

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