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By Eren | Sep 3, 2019
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The concept of traveling nowadays means much more than just moving from one place to another or visiting historical sites, staying in a hotel. People traveling to different cultures want to fully understand and experience that culture. Culinary is one of the key elements of understanding and experiencing a foreign culture. On the other hand; it can be very difficult for travelers to reach local delicacies that reflect real culture. The restaurants in the touristic areas are generally adapted for foreigners and include standard dishes of international cuisine. Many restaurants in these regions claiming to offer local delicacies are changing their recipes to appeal to people of all cultures. For this reason, in order to reach real local delicacies, it is necessary to do some research and to go to the places outside the historical areas of the city.

The history of today's Turkish cuisine is based on thousands of years of culture and tens of civilizations. Istanbul offers many great options to taste this cuisine. As a travel agency based on local experiences, we offer our guests "Kanaat Lokantası" which is located in the Üsküdar district of Istanbul and add it to our tour programme almost every time.

Kanaat Lokantası

Kanaat Lokantası

This restaurant, which has been operating since 1933, has attracted you from the moment you enter. The first thing you encounter when you enter the restaurant is the magnificent appearance of dozens of "meze's" (appetizers) and desserts.





If you can pass the appetizer and dessert stands, you should follow the wonderful scents inside the restaurant. A little further ahead you will find a magnificent section with main courses. This area reflects the culture of Turkish cuisine, from traditional meat dishes to local delicacies with vegetables and legumes. The food here will show you what kind of food is cooked in Turkish houses. Although the prices in the restaurant are more favorable than the touristic areas, it is slightly above the average for the local people. But it is a place that deserves the price it receives with its delicious options.

Main Dishes

Main Dishes

Kanaat Lokantası is located in Üsküdar, one of the important districts of the Anatolian side of Istanbul. This region is quite authentic with its historical mosques and local life. You can easily reach Üsküdar from the European side of İstanbul by sea and subway. Here you can visit the bazaars, buy various gifts, spices and taste Turkish coffee in small coffees for a suitable price. Kanaat Lokantası is located very close to the seaside and the subway stations in the center of Üsküdar. You can reach with a few minutes' walk.

Enjoy your meal!

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