The Legend of Nohkalikai, Meghalaya, India

By vasudhakalyankar | Oct 2, 2020
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A few months ago I was exploring North East when I came across this beautiful waterfall called the Nohkalikai waterfall in Cherrapunjee, Meghalaya.
Located at just a few kilometers from the main the town, this place is considered to be one the tallest plunging waterfalls and a famous and important place to visit in Cherrapunjee, Meghalaya.

Although we drove to the location, we had to hike for a small distance. Once we reached the viewpoint, we were amazed by the jaw dropping beauty in front of our eyes- a panoramic view of the falls, cascading down into a pool- like formation.

The literal meaning of the word Nohkalikai is "the jump of Ka Likai." We didn't hire any guide because there was always one available with some random group so we would just eavesdrop every time a guide was telling the importance of the place. That's when I acknowledged the terrifying story of this gorgeous place.

Ka likai was a widow with a baby daughter who lived in a village near the falls. She remarried so that her daughter can experience the love of a father, but the new husband hated the daughter as Ka Likai's entire attention was given to her child and her work.

One regular afternoon Ka Likai came home after work, her husband surprised her. He cooked lunch for her and insisted her to immediately settle down and enjoy the meal. Assuming her daughter was playing somewhere, Ka Likai sat down and enjoyed her food. Later, while cleaning the house she picked up a basket and found little fingers in it. It was then she realised what had happened. The jealous husband had killed her daughter and cooked the child's flesh as a meal for Ka Likai.

Filled with self-rage of consuming her child's flesh as meal and the grief of the death of her little girl, Ka Likai jumped from the cliff of the falls and killed herself... Hence the name, "Nohkalikai- the jump of Ka Likai"

The story shocked me to the core and I imagined the pain this young woman must have felt after realizing what her husband had done to her and her child. The pain and grief of losing a child is too much for a mother but unknowingly eating the flesh of her child as meal is just an unexplainable amount of grief, pain and self-rage.

The husband wasn't just cruel but also psychotic. It is simply terrifying what jealousy can do to a person.

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