Catamarca: an Undiscovered Argentinian Destination

By viajaleaks | Oct 31, 2018
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A view from the Prtezuelo slope

A view from the Prtezuelo slope

If you are planning to visit Argentina, you can do the classical internet search, and you will find many places to go.
But, if you are looking for unexplored and peaceful places, we invite you to discover an amazing country, very different from the typical tourist centers: Catamarca.

The Capital city is San Fernando del Valle de Catamarca, but we recommend not stay just in the proper city. It is better to go also to the town: Valle Viejo, this town includes: Villa Dolores and Fray Mamerto Esquiu neighborhoods, at about 15 km from the capital.
In these places you will be surrounded by indigenous nature, native vegetation and thousands of typical birds, near other places where you can take a guided tour or go trekking.

The capital city is placed between two chains of mountains range: The Ambato and the Ancasti. This confers a unique and an absolutely different atmosphere. This place is surrounded by “acequias” (irrigation ditches) of a fresh and pure water.

Fray Mamerto Esquiu

In Valle Viejo you can visit a part of the “Camino Real”, the ancient comercial connection with Buenos Aires, there you can find the ruins of the first sugar mill in the region. You will also find ancient churches like El Señor de los Milagros, San José and Nuestra Señora del Rosario.

Sugar mill

Sugar mill

San Antonio & San Jose de Piedra Blanca

There is a beautiful road that you can roam taking the Provincial Route. Across this road you can visit either Villa Dolores´s town or the Reservoir of Pirquitas. At the reservoir you can do any kind of water sport or birdwatching.

Reservoir or Pirquitas

Reservoir or Pirquitas

Afterwards you can return taking the Provincial Route 1 ending to the Catamarca Downtown to try the typical dishes, like empanadas, tamales or humita.

A grilled "cabrito"

Portezuelo Slope

In this trip, you must visit the Portezuelo Slope. This is an exciting and awesome zigzag and climbing road. When you reach the top, you can enjoy a magnificent view of the valley, surrounded by the flight of Andes´ Condors, at 1600 meters high.

A view from Portezuelo slope

A view from Portezuelo slope

In this point, at the Provincial Route 38, you can start a different chapter, but that is another story…

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