Vancouver To Whistler Road Trip Guide

By frugalandfrills | Aug 7, 2020
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Whistler BC is one of the most sought after destinations in Canada. It is the largest ski resort in North America and was the venue for the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics.
Whether you live in the Metro Vancouver area or are coming for a visit to specifically see Whistler, the sea to sky highway (Vancouver to Whistler), is a road trip you don’t want to miss out on!

Vancouver to Whistler Road Trip Guide

Vancouver to Whistler Road Trip Guide

Go Slow, Take it in, and Capture the Beauty

From the breathtaking views of the mountains to the greenery of the trees and the crisp blue ocean, you will want to stop numerous times for photos.
The sea to sky highway is a very winding road so if you are prone to car sickness, this is another reason to just go slow and take your time. Plus that’s the fun of road trips, right!?

Check out the Britannia Mine

This award-winning mine has been around for about 70 years. It is such a historical site that draws many families in as you can do an underground mine tour. The little community has some really fun little coffee shops and gift shops as well as public restrooms. It’s a good breakpoint if you are traveling with small children.

Britannia Mine

Britannia Mine

Shannon Falls

If you find waterfalls breathtaking, then you need to pull over and check out Shannon falls. It is one of the most beautiful sites. If you feel up to it, there is a small hike that you can do as well. But if you are traveling with small children, just pull over and walk the kids up to the falls and have a look. It’s another beautiful photo opportunity.


If you are taking your time with the road trip, there is TONS of good camping along the highway. One of our favorites was Cat Lake. It’s right along the river and yet right off the highway and it's only $15 a night!

Check out the Lakes

Green Lake

Green Lake

Whether you are just dropping by to take a look at the lakes or if you are there to jump in and stay awhile, there is no shortage to choose from. Here is a great resource and map of the sea to sky lakes.

 This is at Green Lake last year. It is absolutely beautiful and that green!

This is at Green Lake last year. It is absolutely beautiful and that green!

Family-Friendly Craft Beer Scene

Here in BC, we are all about the Craft Beer!! The beauty of our breweries is that every one of them is family-friendly. The breweries are aware that parents like to bring their children here, so they think of the most kid-friendly meals and snacks.

My number one favorite brewery along the sea to sky highway is Backcountry Brewing! From the atmosphere to the beer, to the apparel and the size of the brewery, it’s a win-win! A lot of breweries tend to be really small, so although they are family-friendly, it’s sometimes hard for families to find a table.

Backcountry, however, has so much available seating and is so accommodating. They have kid-friendly snacks and meals such as mac and cheese and pizzas. The price is great and it’s located in the cute little town of Squamish just right off the highway on your way up to Whistler from Vancouver.

I highly recommend you check them out on the way up!

A few others to check out

A-Frame Brewery which is also located in Squamish (and about 1 min from Backcountry brewing).

A-Frame Brewing

A-Frame Brewing

Coast Mountain Brewing which is located just outside the Whistler Village

Coast Mountain Brewing

Coast Mountain Brewing

Whistler Brewing which is also located outside the Whistler Village (and about 1 min from Coast Mountain)

And finally… Whistler Village

You need to visit Whistler Village if you are up in the area. Whether you’re staying there or just passing through, it is a sight to see! The Ski Mountains surrounded by an adorable village of food, small shops, coffee houses, shopping, etc…

It’s always a fun time for the family no matter what time of year you go!

Vancouver to Whistler Road Trip Guide

If your road trip goes beyond Whistler, be sure to research some of the hiking mountains and other attractions I didn’t make mention of. There are endless amounts of attractions you can do and see and I will probably end up doing another article someday soon on some of these, but for now, this is a basic Vancouver to Whistler road trip guide of some of the things you won’t want to miss on your way up.

And to all my fellow Canadians who know Tim Hortons is the only way to road trip, you will be pleased to know that there are MANY Timmies stops along the way from Vancouver to Whistler.

Tim Hortons Canada

Tim Hortons Canada

Hope you enjoyed!!

Xo, Asia

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