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By dunctopia | Oct 15, 2018
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I'm very grateful to be able to call Vancouver, Canada home. This coastal city offers it all from beautiful beaches to snowy mountains. Next time you visit Vancouver make sure you upgrade your Instagram by shooting at these 9 hot spots.

1. Gastown Steam Clock

Tourists flock to the steam clock found on the corner of Water and Cambie streets in the iconic neighborhood of Gastown. With the look of a 19th-century antique, (while not actually being antique at all,) the Steam Clock's steam whistle goes off every 15 minutes with a major steam show on the hour. I prefer many of the other attractions in Vancouver to this bad boy, but I do think it looks purdy at night.

Gastown Steam Clock, Vancouver. Photo: Dunctopia

2. Granville Street Night Lights

If you don't mind jumping over pools of vomit, visit Granville at night and snap a shot of these iconic lights. I give Granville a hard time mostly because I have eyes, ears, and a gag reflex but Vancouver's sixth-best nightlife area is pretty photogenic.

Granville Street, Vancouver. Photo: Dunctopia

3. Inukshuk

Inuksuk means "to act in the capacity of a human." Inukshuks (as they are commonly referred to) are a symbol from the Arctic region of the world, especially for the Inuit people in northern Canada. You can find these man-made statues all over Vancouver, but none as striking as the English Bay statue.

English Bay Inukshuk, Vancouver. Photo: Dunctopia

4. Vancity from Lonsdale Quay

Photographers, you will need your long lens for this shot. Set up that camera on a tripod from the dock found near Lonsdale Quay in North Vancouver. The dock itself is also pretty wonderful for a midnight stroll with or without a date. Don't forget to crank up that ISO.

Vancouver Coal Harbour from North Vancouver Photo: Dunctopia

5. Vancouver from across Cambie

I know what you're thinking: this shot isn't an Iconic Instagram shot. Well, here's the thing, usually it is! A stunning frame of Vancouver with the mountains in the background. But, this shot was taken as nearly 600 wildfires raged across the province of British Columbia. A smoky haze blanketed most of Metro Vancouver causing an air quality advisory because of the high levels of fine particulate matter. Climate Change is real and it has been accelerated by man. The reason I've included this photo is to remind us all to do our part in combatting climate change. The resources and manpower are stretched beyond their limits to try and manage all the fires let alone the devastation that’s been caused. Please don’t throw your cigarettes out the window and remind your family, friends and visitors as well.

Vancouver, Photo: Dunctopia

How to help BC

Donations made to the Canadian Red Cross will be matched by the B.C. government.
Those wishing to help can contribute online or by calling 1-800-418-1111.
Larger, corporate donations can be made by emailing the province directly at donations@gov.bc.ca.

Donate to the BC SPCA

The SPCA had to evacuate two of its shelters in the Cariboo region this week as firefighters battled a number of growing fires in the area. "Although we're hoping we don't see a repeat of last summer's devastating wildfires, our staff, volunteers, and officers are ready, willing and able to feed and comfort any animals in need of our help," the organization said in a statement.
Donations can be made online to help the rescue group help make sure animals are kept safe until the wildfire situation improves.

6. Lions Gate Bridge

You can photograph this bridge from a number of spots but this my personal favorite. This hidden spot is found when you are driving through Stanley Park. Time it right and you could get the mountains in the background.

Lions Gate Bridge, Vancouver. Photo: Dunctopia

7. Sylvia Hotel

Perfect for the 'gram, grab a shot of the super haunted Sylvia Hotel. Room 604 is the hub of paranormal activity with one guest reporting an invisible presence sitting on her bed. Our area code is also 604, coincidence? I think not. The Sylvia is always looking it's finest in Spring when the flowers are poppin'. Head into the hotel bar and have a drink while overlooking the beach.

The Sylvia Hotel, Vancouver. Photo: Dunctopia

8. Science World

Science World, Vancouver. Photo: Dunctopia

9. Lions gate from below

Finally, a shot of Lionsgate Bridge from below! In the Fall, the fog that covers over Vancouver makes the city look magical. Make sure if you are visiting in the Fall to grab your camera and walk around Stanley Park. The trees feel majestic, this bridge looks fantastic, and the ambiance is moody. But, fog or not this spot on the Sea Wall is a must see in Vancouver.

Lions Gate, Vancouver. Photo: Dunctopia

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