Thessaloniki: 5 Special Things You Can’t Absolutely Miss

By thecuriousmufambi | Aug 4, 2020
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You always think of Greece as the country with beautiful islands, but my visit to Thessaloniki made me change my mind. Greece is not only beautiful beaches and parties but it is a country rich in culture, traditions and good food. In this article I tell you about Thessaloniki: 5 particular things that you can’t absolutely miss!
A port city in the Greek region of Macedonia, it is the largest centre in terms of both population and economic power in the whole region. It boasts ancient roots that make it one of the oldest and most fascinating places to visit in the country. That’s why I’ll tell you all the peculiarities that you can’t miss about this city!

1. The white tower (Greek: Λευκός Πύργος)

The white tower

The white tower

The white tower of Thessaloniki is considered the symbol of the city by locals. (information given to me by my friend Vicky born and raised there). With a height of 30 meters consists of 6 different floors, which were used as a prison for those sentenced to life imprisonment and place of torture used by the Turks. The name of this tower has a real story: it is said that in 1890 a prisoner Named Nathan Guéledi, he whitewashed the building in exchange for his freedom, which has been his name ever since.

2. The moon

The moon

The moon

The moon is a sculpture created by the artist Pavlos Vasileiadis for the city of Thessaloniki. It represents a crescent moon positioned in the middle of the sea and represents one of the most popular and fortographed points of the city. Particularly fascinating at sunset and late in the evening as it is illuminated and looks like a real moon in the middle of the sea.

3. Umbrellas at the harbour

Umbrellas at the harbour

Umbrellas at the harbour

Umbrellas at the harbour is a sculpture created by the artist Georgios Zongolopoulos and is located on the waterfront of Thessaloniki. With a height of 13 meters it is one of the most particular attractions of the city. To be appreciated both during the day and in the evening is an installation that leaves you fascinated and that you would certainly not expect to find in a city like this.

4. View from Eptapyrgio Castle

View from the castle

View from the castle

The view from Eptapyrgio Castle is definitely one of the most beautiful in the city. To admire it you have to climb up to the old town. This impressive view gives you the opportunity to appreciate the city from the top to the sea and on clear days, in a straight line also the view of the mountains including Mount Olympus. One of the most beautiful things that I could appreciate are young people and couples who go to see the sunset and have a cold beer overlooking the city.

5. Analipseos Tou Kiriou Church



Among the many churches in Thessaloniki, this is certainly the one that impressed me the most, both for the architecture and the colours. Open for visits from e 7:00 am to 1:00 pm. Beautiful the facade with the paintings of the saints gives a sense of tranquility and reflection. Predominant is the golden colour inside, really worth a visit.

For more information about Thessaloniki visit the official website

I’ve come to the end of this article where I tell you what I think are the 5 particular things you can’t absolutely miss in Thessaloniki.I hope you found the right information to plan a perfect visit.

See you soon from your curious traveller Chiara.

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