Top 10 Off-the-beaten-track destinations in Colombia

By IMPULSE_Travel | Nov 20, 2018
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These insider tips are for every traveler that wants to explore the unknown terrains of Colombia and is looking for the spirit of adventure. The following travel destinations all have their unique kind of magic and are off-the-map for the classic tourist.

1. San Basilio de Palenque

A walled community formed by the first American slaves to free themselves from oppression. Learn about the fascinating history of the town and enjoy the delicious food and spirited culture.

Palenqueras in their traditional, colorful dresses

Palenqueras in their traditional, colorful dresses

2. Barrio Egipto in Bogotá

This neighborhood in the capital is transforming itself from what was once a hub for criminal activity to a place full of art, culture and hope. Learn more about their moving history on a tour through the streets of Barrio Egipto accompanied by former gang members.

Street art in the Egipto neighborhood in Bogotá

Street art in the Egipto neighborhood in Bogotá

3. The Mavecure Hills

The mysterious formation of three rocks in the east of Colombia is a place shrouded in legend. Embedded in a unique and beautiful landscape, this is a destination for real adventure-seekers.

View of the Mavecure hills, source: eltiempo

4. Raudal del Jirijirimo

This hidden gem of a river is located in the Amazon region. Explore one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Colombia and discover the heart-shaped island formed by the river branches.

Waterfalls at the Jirijirimo stream, source: colparques

5. San José del Guaviare

The Guaviare region is located in the Colombian amazon and is known for its incredible biodiversity. Take a dip in the natural pools, discover ancient rock paintings or observe a smaller version of the color spectacle of the Caño Cristales river.

The rock paintings at cerro azul in Guaviare

The rock paintings at cerro azul in Guaviare

6. Punta Brava

Discover the hidden paradise where the deep, mysterious rainforest merges with remote beaches to create a unique scenery. Between June and September this part of the pacific is visited by humpback whales that you can spot on a whale watching tour or even from the beach.

Punta Brava at the Pacific coast, source: blogspot

7. Providencia

While San Andres is a very popular travel destination the neighboring island Providencia is still a less visited, quiet site. With its deep blue water and white sand beaches, the colorful coral reefs and the relaxed atmosphere it’s the perfect place to discover the authentic Colombian island life.

Beautiful beach scenery in Providencia, source: theculturetrip

8. La Guajira

Another unique combination of very different landscapes can be found in the northern department of La Guajira where the desert meets the ocean. Visit Punta Gallinas, the most northern spot of South America, and enjoy a sunset on the quiet, isolated beach.

Taroa Dunes in La Guajira, source: elturismoencolombia

9. Páramo de Chingaza

Only an hour away from Bogotá you can find the stunning Chingaza National Park, famous for its beautiful Páramo landscape, lagoons, and its wildlife. The natural setting is incredible, and if you are lucky you will spot different animals like bears, deer, and condors. You can also camp at the park or stay at a simple shelter for an overnight trip.

The Páramo landscape in Chingaza

The Páramo landscape in Chingaza

10. Amagá

The Coffee Region of Colombia is famous for all its small villages. Some of them are well-known and visited and other like Amagá are still insider tips. The city has a unique charm as it used to be known for its carbon mines and railways. Stroll through the local farmers market or explore the wider surroundings of the city by crossing the daunting bridges and dark tunnels that were used for carbon transportation in the past.

The old railways in Amagá

The old railways in Amagá

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