Milford Sound: A dolphin-filled glacial valley

By tashtravels | Oct 13, 2019
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Sailing around the fiord

Sailing around the fiord

The landscape of Milford Sound isn’t just a Geographer’s dream. It’s a must-see for anyone who finds themselves in New Zealand. It’s not actually a ‘sound’, it’s a fiord. Today it’s a huge body of water connected to the ocean surrounded by breath-taking cliff-like walls of rock. This was originally formed in the most recent ice age period when a glacier made its way to the sea from inland and carved out a huge valley in the rock. When sea levels rose, this was flooded and the landscape was completely transformed.
One of the many waterfalls you pass around the fiord

One of the many waterfalls you pass around the fiord

Due to the mountainous nature of the surrounding region it’s quite far from the closes settlements, however, it’s still accessible by road (the only fiord in New Zealand which is) and the drive there from Queenstown is amazing. I’ve never driven through mountains like that – snow-capped giants making you feel so tiny. The long drive is definitely worth it, and you pass waterfalls and river crossings of bright blue snow-melt as well. There are plenty of options of boats to tour Milford Sound, and you won’t be disappointed. As well as the amazing views, the wildlife there is also worth going to see. At one point on the boat, a group of dolphins came and swam right next to it, and I had never seen dolphins that close up before in my life. We also saw seals relaxing on some rocks a short distance away. I went on an early morning tour, and even though the journey is long and meant getting up super early, I can’t imagine a better way of starting the day.

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