Star Ferry in Hong Kong

Star Ferry is very popular among holidaymakers and locals. I bet no one would never ride Star Ferry when we are in Hong Kong. Here is a surprising fact (maybe), Star Ferry has different "Pricing" and and most importantly "Experience" options. Star Ferry has upper and lower decks. Upper deck charges more than lower deck. I guess you know the answer! However, lower deck is not that bad comparing to upper deck indeed! Almost every single time, I would love to choose lower deck. Why? Lower deck offers better cultural experience! Lower deck has nearly all stuff of Star Ferry! Machinery room (door still opened but the chamber not opened to the public), captain's room can be seen from the seats behind, very traditional but not so uncomfortable seats, ropes, actions of sailors and so on! Lower deck is the heart of a Star Ferry in Hong Kong. A great cultural experience you can enjoy at your disposal!

One thing I would love to mention here is that Star Ferry traveling between Wan Chai and Tsim Sha Tsui does not have lower deck option only to and from Central. Another thing to mention is that name plates in front of Star Ferry makes it special. You can see it clearly when you are standing on the coastline in the close proximity of Star Ferry piers. The third thing I would like to mention is that the direction sign on top of each entrance indicates the direction of the ferry. The fourth thing is that Hong Kong Tourism Board outlet is situated next to the upper deck entrance where HSBC ATM is. Last but not least, a gallery illustrating real stuff and photos of Star Ferry can be seen on the top floor of Star Ferry Central Pier accompanying with its best friend "Hong Kong Maritime Museum". Being a detective and investigate the maritime history can be fun! Enjoy tour discovery!

Star Ferry

Star Ferry

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