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By ExperienceEurope | Sep 14, 2020
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Slavkov, the place where Napoleon celebrated his greatest triumph. The centre of the clash of three titans: France, Austria and Russia. Slavkov, a city worldwide known as Austerlitz.

Slavkov Chateau

Slavkov Chateau


The baroque chateau in Slavkov u Brna dominates the city, most of the tourists go straight there to capture the monumental building. It does really catch the eyes. The chateau is restored and well-kept. The interiors are even more beautiful and unforeseen than the outside. Different tour guides are organized for the visitors, even the smallest one won't be disappointed. Kids may dress up as royals and decipher the chateau's mystery. The prices for the tour guides vary, check out on the website.

Slavkov chateau

Slavkov chateau


The 15-ha big chateau garden invites visitor without paying the admission fee. You may enter this vast area for free and admire the 47 mythical sculptures or get a glance at the chateau from different perspective. The garden was renewed in French baroque style between 1972-77. We didn't make it till the end and didn't find all the sculptures unfortunately.

Slavkov u Brna garden

Slavkov u Brna garden

What's happening

Slavkov u Brna chateau is also famous for different events and festivals. Every year the Veteran fest takes place. It's historic cars and motorcycles exhibition. A chocolate festival brings together people with sweet palate. You can buy confectionery, learn few tricks and have fun. Also, the traditional fairs or music concerts take place seasonally.

Wanna play golf

The city is also popular for its Austerlitz Golf Resort. From the chateau it's 10-minute walk. Outside the garden walls turn left and follow the U stadionu street, then turn right at na golfovem hristi street. The golf course is quite impressive, this is the first time we've been this close to the field. The greenery of this place is just a pleasure to watch. Of course, it's not a cheap sport, but if you're into golf, take a look at their website.

Hotel and a restaurant

There's also a hotel with a restaurant and a café. The hotel looks welcoming and expensive. But we were here for the indoor playground Vlnka. It's a good idea to hide from the scorching sun in this air-conditioned room. You need to pay 70 kc fee for each kid at the reception and need to get down to the basement. Kids enjoyed the time there, I....not so much. From the photographs I imagined this might be a bigger space, which is not. And there're not many places for the parents. 6 or 7 kids at once were definitely enough for this size playground. I can't imagine what may happen with a limit of 50 kids inside.

playroom Vlnka

playroom Vlnka

Train or car

Slavkov is connected with Brno by the D1 highway, which makes it around 20 minutes away from the city centre. You can either make a train trip to Slavkov, it takes around 35 minutes to the train station and then around 20 minutes on foot. The surrounding the train station doesn't really enhance you to further exploration, but once you enter the inner centre, take a glimpse at the chateau or visit one of the restaurants at the main street yu may lik it.

Want more?

If you feel like the day is not over yet, you have plenty of energy left in you, visit other Napoleon Bonaparte's sites or a close-by parrots zoo. This way you'll definitely fill up the whole day.

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