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By catalingeangos | May 28, 2020
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Myanmar offers experiences full of heavenly lush attraction, which draws you closer to nature as well as yourself. One such purifying experience is trekking from Inle Lake to Kalaw. Just before to start this adventure, make sure you do a full-day boat trip at Inle Lake, one of the most amazing places i’ve seen. Many people go for the other way around, but we chose this way; it was a once in a lifetime experience. So here’s how it starts.

Our journey begins from the Song of Travel hostel, Nyaung Shwe when all three of us were picked up by a Tuk-Tuk at around 8:30 in the morning. The Tuk-Tuk took an hour to transfer us to the village from where we started our on-foot journey.

The best route from Inle to Kalaw is filled with several small villages with amiable residents. Stopping by in the villages and interacting with locals was joyous and memorable. We took short breaks for rest and having a traditional meal at one of the communities until we finally stopped at a settlement about five hours from Kalaw. We had our lunch there and stayed the night in the enchanting surroundings. Our welcomed homestay in the village gave us a chance to be more close to the local culture. The delicious home-cooked food was a delight after the whole day trekking. The town had no light that made the sky exquisitely brighter with stars and the beautiful moon.

We begin our trekking at 8:30 am the next morning after having a delicious traditional breakfast, and in about six hours, we were at Kalaw by 3:00 pm. We stopped generously for breaks and a meal. The whole journey was filled with picturesque views of the lush green fields, the farmers planting crops, the innocent kids trying to talk in English. At some points during our journey, the trekking seemed to be converted to a hike because of the increasing height. We did not feel it much because the scenery kept us preoccupied. The beautiful green hills touched the skyline to create a fantastic view for us.

Another beautiful thing you may witness while on trekking is the handmade bamboo baskets. The skilled local craftsmen make it so perfectly and vigilantly that we could not turn our eyes away. If you want to come here to give yourself some time, you just chose the right place. Shan state is home to thousands of species of birds. The open areas in the trekking route also offer a chance for bird watching. You will surely not regret this.

The whole journey of two days and one night cost us $30 each. It includes the transportation cost, five meals, night stay at the village. If you also plan to do the trekking from Inle to Kalaw, its recommended to have some companions to share the expenses and make the trip less costly. You may not find people going this way as generally, people trek from Kalaw to Inle Lake. Stay over the night in Kalaw, then book a bus or train to Mandalay. Be aware to book a day before to Mandalay since is very hard to find seats in the same day.

If you are thinking of coming to Myanmar for trekking, plan your trip in the peak season to reap the most out of this beautiful place.

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