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By RNV_GH | Aug 17, 2020
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Batukaras in West Java / Indonesia is one of the best longboard wave in the world, and also a perfect beginner place. Hereunder some informations about the spots outthere.

The Point at low tide.

The Point at low tide.

The Pointbreak

Long sandy bottom right, up to 400m sometimes more while connecting to Second Point! Depending on the tide, The takeoff is up to you: fast and hollow beyond the point, or slow and easy at the shoulder section. The wave gently peeled on workable long wall perfect for longboarding or to work out you curvy manoeuvers on shorter board.

The Reed by drone

The Reed by drone

The Reefbreak

More punchy than the point, even with easy entry take off, then a long right fast wall over a mixed coral/lava reef. Needs high tide to awake, this is the place for your top turns and trimming down the line fast to the last sometimes barreling section . Can become serious while overhead. Notice a left hander while good swell orientation.

Somewhere, West Java - Indonesia

Somewhere, West Java - Indonesia

Others Spots

Depending on tides, swells and winds, others surf options can spiCe up your adventure. Beach breaks as Batu Hiu or Pangandaran, shallow coral left hander of Batu Mandi, right hander of Bulak Benda and even more #secretspot. Ask a local guide.


  • January to February: constantly offshore winds but small swell. Generally not on top for the Point but perfectly aligned for the Reef, beach breaks and Bulak Benda.
  • March to May: offshore or no wind on early mornings, middle sized swell sometimes bigger. Somehow the best period to come for a surf as the Point and the Reef are working (hips to headhigh).
  • June to September: larger swell, cross offshore winds at Point but the bay keeps protected, cooler water.
  • October to December: light winds generally offshore, small swell with long flat spell risk (anyway some more exposed spots keeps perfectly working... )


    The waves are essentially waves of pointbreak, in one direction, it is important to respect the priorities and more so the "surf etiquette". Respect the locals, be humble polite and smiling. If you are a beginner, ask someone from the surf club to help you, do not bother others for everybody safety.

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