Siargao Island, the Place Where You Can Find Peace

By nikagestoso10 | Jun 19, 2020
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Siargao island is known as the Paradise. My first time flying to Siargao was in December 2018, it was like a Dream come true going to the place I always dreamed.

I booked my flight round trip for PHP 10,000 so roughly $199.3 not so cheap but it's a good price to get. When you arrive at the airport of Siargao so outside there's a lot of kuya or brother's these men have a van waiting for passengers outside going to General Luna. For PHP 500 and 1 hour drive, they will drop you to your hotel or hostel, just tell to kuya where is your hotel located. Remember, guys always ask for directions or Google it.

Pure nature'

Pure nature'

Next, book a cozy warm place to stay. There are a lot of places that you can choose either you're a joiners or a soloist I can recommend here's on my list:

  • 1. Maharlikasiargao hostel (₱800-900 / 16.94$ / Night)
  • 2. Asterias Backpackers (₱896/ 17.86$ / Night)
  • 3. Alpas Siargao (₱998 / 19.89$ / Night)
  • 4. Strangers Inn&bar (₱840 / 16.74$ / Night)

That's the best cheaper place you can get. You can socialize with other travelers or backpackers around the globe which is good.

Food? The food in General Luna the main land which all the activities is easy to access: restaurants / cafes / bars / nightlife / surfing area.

Where to surf? Well Cloud9 is best know as the surfing capital of Siargao. For PHP 350 to 400 you can get your own board. Or, if you are starting to learn to surf or you wanna try but you are scared, PHP 400 will get you your own mentor or your guide when you do surfing.





Magpupungko Island

Magpupungko Island

Well the only way you can access those places around Siargao is to rent a motorcycle. Yes!! a motorcycle how much? PHP 450 to 500 for 4 days sounds cheap right, exactly. Just leave your ID and remember the store you rented. You can find all types of motorcycle, they offer big bikes, 4x4 and bicycles. You can choose whatever you prefer.

You can use your motorcycle to go around the island. You can go with your board, make sure you rent a motorcycle with the compartment for your board.

I hope my tips be helpful to your next travel destination.

See you on the other part of the world.

Always remember be a responsible traveler, help the ocean free from population. Siargao is a very clean island please help the community or local people to clean the island. Trash bins are everywhere educate yourself. Respect the nature. Thank you guy's I'll see you soon.

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