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    Sep 25, 2020• by Tanyab_07

    Puerto Galera - a Beach Destination for Scuba Diving in The Philippines

    One of the most beautiful and eye-catching bays in the world' is situated in the Philippines which is well known to comprise more than 7000 islands out of which only 2000 are inhabited. After...

    Aug 15, 2020• by camillemanila

    Visiting Cebu, Philippines

    These are some of my photos back when I travelled to one of the most beautiful province in the Philippines. Let me share some of my tips when travelling to Philippines, first you must have a...

    Jun 21, 2020• by Wanderwoman_789

    Travel Guide for A Week in The Philippines

    The Philippines is a beautiful country and it was on my radar for a long time. The first time I realized I thought of the Philippines as a travel destination was somewhere in 2015. As a marketing...

    Jun 19, 2020• by nikagestoso10

    Siargao Island, the Place Where You Can Find Peace

    Siargao island is known as the Paradise. My first time flying to Siargao was in December 2018, it was like a Dream come true going to the place I always dreamed. I booked my flight round trip for...

    Jun 14, 2020• by JoExplores

    Best Beaches in Boracay

    The sun, white-sand beaches, crystal blue waters and palm trees - this is to Boracay, Philippines! This tiny piece of land is only 7 km long and 1km wide, but it packs in all the activities you...

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