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    Jun 21, 2020• by Wanderwoman_789

    Travel Guide for A Week in The Philippines

    The Philippines is a beautiful country and it was on my radar for a long time. The first time I realized I thought of the Philippines as a travel destination was somewhere in 2015. As a marketing...

    May 22, 2020• by emwanders

    Why Nacpan Beach, Philippines, is Every Young Backpacker's Dream

    A pure white sand beach, an open bar and island hopping. Sound perfect? I stayed at the infamous Mad Monkey Hostel on Nacpan Beach in the Philippines, near El Nido, and had the most amazing...

    Aug 19, 2019• by karenzgomez

    El Nido: A Paradise

    You will find different options to reach El Nido. The most convenient is by vans from Puerto Princesa (where is the Airport), it will take you from your hotel and leave you in the bus terminal in El...

    Aug 13, 2019• by karenzgomez

    Puerto Princesa more than a passage city

    One of the beauties of Puerto Princesa is their people! We arrived at night to PP where you also did couchsurfing, so our friend hosted us. We reached his house where he was also hosting a couple...

    The Four Essential Must-Visit Places in Palawan

    When traveling, oftentimes there are so many things to see but too little time to see it all. This is especially true in Palawan in the Philippines as there are so many beautiful sanctuaries, islands...

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