Fight Jet Lag with an Amusement Park

By StreetviewVagabond | Oct 29, 2021

Landing in Paris from New York at 7AM is always hard. You have an entire day ahead of you and you are most likely exhausted. In 2017 I was faced with this reality with the added challenge bringing my 6 and 4 year old with me. So instead of trying to make a touristy day of it, we checked into the hotel at Parc Asterix and spent the whole day riding rides.

The rides kept us up and active, the cartoon characters and fanciful music were great tools at fighting jet lag and occupying kids and parents. We chose Parc Asterix since it was a French Cartoon but EuroDisney could have been an option as well. But the main tip is take the first day to have some fun, relax and ease into vacation.

Another reason to pick Parc Asterix is that it was not crowded at all, the hotel buffet was delicious and felt very much like you were in France and the rooms were so comfy. Check out this shot of me sitting on my hotel room porch...not like you usual amusement park hotel!

I did contemplate doing it at the end of our trip since it is really close to the airport but then I reconsidered it as a salve for jet lag and I think I choose well.
Happy Traveling!

Amusement park Jet lag

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Written by StreetviewVagabond
By using Google's Street View, I untravel the world, make connections with interesting people and learn a lot in the process. The pictures are grainy and everyone's face is blurry but the memories last a lifetime! My name is Chris Magnuson and I am a traveler, an educator, former teacher, dancer, snowboarder, skateboarder, father to 2 and an amazing husband :) I love to travel but I realize that the world is SO big I won't get to it all. Doesn't stop me from traveling through the Streetview! I have had some amazing and fun discoveries traveling the world from my own living room!

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