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Blue and white buildings, tanned bodies, golden beaches, turquoise, and blue water, pink flowers, and tanned bodies. Does this remind you of anything? Olive Trees on the hills? Great Seafood? If this still doesn’t ring you a bell you’ve lived in a cave with no connection to the outside world. This is how everyone describes the beautiful marvelous Greek Islands. Touched by the Gods of Olympus and carved by the hands of Athena, Mykonos is the most popular Island in Greece. Find the best Accommodation in Mykonos in this article.

The Aegean Sea with its beautiful blue and turquoise dress is overlooking the majesty of the Greek Wonders. If the world has 7 wonders, then the 8th is forgotten to be mentioned in that book. Furthermore, the energy of this island attracts many people from all over the world, the stylish nightlife calls nothing but your name to visit. This Island has everything you need in one place. Moreover, the Vitamin D and Vitamin Sea are the priority offers of this island.

However, there’s more that this island is hidding in its beauty!

The Paladium Boutique Hotel

Are you the person who goes on holiday to enjoy the luxury of being on vacation? Then this hotel is for you! It screams luxury, and has everything you need. The staff is amazing and very attentive. The touch of Greek Hospitality can be felt everywhere. Also, the pool is to die for and the sunshine you’ve missed all year round sitting in the corner of your office, counting infinite numbers, it’s here.

Rate: 5 Stars
My rate: 10/10

Boheme Mykonos

Are you a couple who are looking to escape the reality of your country? This hotel is your sweet escape, a place that has it all. With a view of the majestic sea and a great outdoor pool to enjoy when you are too lazy to walk 300 m to reach the sea. How perfect does this sound? Moreover, it is the luxury you are looking for. I know this is your choice of holidays, I can feel the way you are staring at this review. Mykonos is always a good travel idea.

Rate: 5 Stars
My rate: 10/10

Mykonos Theoxenia

The God like hospitality, they did something with the name they choose for their hotel, and I like it. This one, is a place for Gods, yes, you are treated like a Greek god, the only thing is that you are sitting under a parasol with an Aegean Sea view in front of you instead of some boring trees at the Mount Olympus (and you’re not dealing with the boring Hades that is planning on how to get rid of humanity) Which is a reason to book in this hotel.

PS. Don’t fight the windmills, you are not Don Quixote, and they are not Giants!

Rate: 5 Stars
My rate: 10/10 windmills included!

Paradise View Hotel Mykonos

Do you want to take a glimpse of what life after death is going to be? Book this hotel, only if you’re not a sinner. Jokes aside, this Hotel is worth the money. The place that has it all, the sea view, the Triton knocking in your window at night to look for his daughter Ariel, the sun, the hospitality, and the best owner in Mykonos.

Rate: 3 Stars
My Rate: 9/10

Belvedere Hotel Mykonos

Luxury is a dish well served in the summer. This hotel is the best. Are you getting married? They have a bridal suite! But change your mind, marriage is a trap. (Inside Joke but think about it, is he worth it). Are you going on a honeymoon after getting married? Well, since you already made that mistake, then book this hotel. Beautiful and magical views of the Sea. Everything you will need, to get over your crazy ex! There’s nothing better than a white-walled room that looks as smooth as silk and some crazy astonishing views that reflect life in Mykonos.

Rate: 5 Stars
My rate: 10/10

Cavo Tagoo Mykonos Greece

I feel like this place is an attack on my human heart. Because it is extraordinarily beautiful. An infinity pool? More like swimming in paradise. I am madly in love. The idea that this place exists makes my heart skip a beat. The location is paradise, the view is heavenly, the staff is angelical and the room is your key to paradise. Floating in the Greek Sky that is blended with the pool and the sea. A place to be once in your lifetime. Just go there and forget that you are a human. Let the goddesses possess your body. Or just let the sun and the place posses your mind. Or just let this writing do its thing.

Rate: 5 Stars
My rate: 11 /10

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