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By sundaytourism | Dec 10, 2019
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According to the World Tourism Organization, Portugal was considered in 2016 one of the best holidays destinations in the world. Already in 2017 considering the opinion of World Travel Awards, many tourists who visited us, after being attracted by the food, sun, beaches, and our religion and cultural heritage considered Portugal as the best tourism destination in the world.

The tourist supply verified in Portugal, generated a great demand of accommodation, because Portugal doesn’t receive tourists only in the summer.

From north to south there are many who seek the national territory for various types of tourism, cultural and religious tourism, and even for wine tourism.

The success of local accommodation has become more evident, due to its innovative form, since provide of traditional accommodation such as hotels, local houses and pensions weren’t suitable to the expectations of those who visit us and it was necessary to develop new accommodation facilities.

Airbnb House in Porto

Airbnb House in Porto

Even though it is considered the local accommodation as a season activity, it is also mentioned as an inexhaustible source. This new type of accommodation has attracted countless tourists to this city, to seeking a different form of accommodation. There are many reasons why people travelling to Porto prefer local accommodation, because apart from good value for money, the local accommodation makes feel people like they are in their own homes.

All of houses are properly equipped, which is an advantage as it allow us to use the amenities whenever needed, and even cook. Another advantage of staying in a local house is that we get to be inserted and to live with local inhabitants of the places where we move. It happens with frequencies in the buildings where we will be staying, these are decorated with elements of the region, enriching the architecture and the appearance of the houses.

Often the local accommodation apartments are situated in the center of the city surrounded by public transportation network, which facilitates the mobility of tourists and it may be easier to discover the city. Many families now have the possibility to travel all together and spend the night in the same house at a reduced price.

The advantages of choosing the local accommodation are immense, as the selection of hotels may not include as many advantages as the local accommodation, and nowadays this type of accommodation has more informal and personalized service.

In Porto, local accommodation has grown and provides a great diversity of apartments, which are easily visible on the various online platforms.

However, nowadays there is an increase of choice of tourists to the local accommodation, because they allow a lot of advantages and make the holiday of tourists unforgettable. It’s an ever-growing business and it seems it will stay on top of the tourism industry at least 3 or 4 years.

For the hosts of the apartments, it is their greatest wish that throughout their stay everything has gone as planned, and that the tourists return shortly, always promising to welcome them with open arms.

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