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By wasatch | Jun 17, 2020
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Ok, the once famous song and highway was US Rt 66, but there was once a US Rt 666, all of 60 miles long, and it connected Montecello UT almost to Cortez CO. Put another way, it connected Arches and Canyonlands National Parks near Moab, UT, to Mesa Verde National Park and when you look at a map today, that road is listed a US Rt 491. Both US Rt 66 and US Rt 666 opened in 1926 and neither exists today. Rt 66 was replaced by the Interstate Highway System. In 2003. The Devil got Rt 666. Radical evangelical Christians know the number 666 as "the sign of the Devil" and a passel of them objected to the government honoring the Devil by putting the Devil's sign on a national highway-- US Rt 666. Do you see the connection? 666- road sign, Devil's sign. The reigning head of the federal government at the time, GW Bush, consigned the Devil's highway to the dust bin of history and since 2003, it has been US Rt 491 Same road, new number, a number apparently acceptable to all religions. The Devil's.

Today, there are three good reasons to drive the Devil's Highway.

1] If you are visiting the Moab area, its foolish not to pop over to visit Mesa Verde because it is so close-- about two hours from Moab. You can do it as a day trip.

2] The Devil's Highway story is so dumb and unique, you will relish telling your friends and family about it when you get home.

3] As you near Cortez, you will see miles of farms growing low bushy plants. This is The Pinto Bean capitol of the world. Apparently authentic Mexican food uses a lot oy Pinto Beans, and there in Colorado is the Mother load.

From Moab, go south on US Rt 191 to the junction with US Rt 491(666).

A Mesa Verde cliff dwelling

A Mesa Verde cliff dwelling

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