How to Plan the Perfect Staycation in 2021

By Techno_Mads | Mar 25, 2021

A staycation makes the perfect alternative to your usual abroad holiday for those who are missing travelling. Staycations are great because they allow your to have a vacation without straying too far from home. Whether you decide you want to stay in your home city or venture to one nearby, you can still take a proper break from your monotonous day-to-day life with a holiday from home.

As the British weather begins to warm up and brighten up a little, it is the ideal time to start thinking about taking a staycation. A staycation provides the perfect opportunity for you to explore some of the astonishing sites that the UK has to offer. Whether you want to take in the fresh salty Cornwall air, experience all the historical sites of London or stay in a remote cabin in the Lake District, you can have a great time wherever you go.



Benefits of Staycations

Minimise Travel Time:

One of the best things about staycations is that it doesn't take as long to get to your destination. You will usually only be in the car or on the train for a few hours, which leaves you plenty of time to relax when you arrive.

Lower Costs:

With staycations there is no need to fork out the big bucks for flights, visas and pricey hotel rooms. This means that you will have plenty of cash left to make the most of your trip when you get there.

Easier to Plan:

When planning a staycation, there is a lot less to think about. Even if you're staycation is a last-minute decision, all you have to do is book accommodation and your set to go. There is no need for worrying about baggage allowances and weight limits, booking transport and getting the right currency.

Avoid Uncomfortable Plane Journeys:

Another bonus of staycations is that you don't have to go through the drawn-out airport process or sit on a cramped plane for hours. Instead, you have the luxury of using your own vehicle, which means that you can simply stop off to stretch your legs or take a break whenever you need.

No Jet Lag:

With a staycation, you can avoid the horrendous grogginess and confusion of jet lag when trying to adjust to the new time zone. Instead, you can return home feeling fully refreshed and rested.

Give Back to Your Local Economy:

By taking a staycation in your local area, you will automatically be pouring your well-earned money back into your local economy and into things that might benefit you in the future.

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint:

Given that air travel is one of the most harmful modes of transport for the planet, staying at home for your vacation instead of going abroad will minimise your carbon footprint. A staycation provides the perfect method of satiating your wanderlust without harming the environment.

Staycation Planning List:

#1 Plan Your Staycation Budget

Staycation Budget

Staycation Budget

As with all holidays, a vacation budget is essential to ensure you don't spend too much but to skimp out on doing things that you could. So, the first thing you need to do when planning your staycation is to create a staycation budget. Although staycations do tend to be less expensive than holidays abroad, they do still require a budget plan to ensure they run as smoothly as possible.

#2 Choose Your Staycation Destination

Staycation Destination

Staycation Destination

Once you've planned how much you want to spend on your staycation, it is time to choose the 'where'. You should decide where you want to go based on which staycation destination has the most of what you want to do. If you want to go shopping then a big city is probably best. However, if you want to get close to nature then camping in the countryside might be more up your street. There is a best-suited staycation location for every trip type - you just have to find it!

#3 What to do on Your Staycation

Staycation Activities

Staycation Activities

Be a Tourist in Your Own City

Very few people take the time required to properly explore their own cities. Yet, it is usually the case that people's home cities have some great things for them to do and see. Seeing your own city through a fresh pair of eyes or from a different point of view could surprise you. Wherever you live, there are sure to be loads of interesting sites and stunning landmarks to explore.

Go ahead and visit those places you've always thought about visiting but have never got round to. Whether it's a certain country walk, that art gallery you keep wanting to go in or the famous building down the road that you've never stopped to admire. You could even book a walking tour or bike tour around your home city to dive even deeper into that side of it that you've never seen before. Think food tours, wine tasting, guided history explorations or even spooky late-night haunted ghost walks.

Try a New Mode of Transport

Mix things up on your staycation by choosing a different way of getting around - get out your bike, take the bus or even Uber. Even if it doesn't end up being the most efficient method of getting to your destination, this is your time to experience your city in a new way.

Whether it is something as simple as taking a different path to your usual route to give you a brand new perspective and to open your eyes to new places that are normally way of your radar. Public transport is also a brilliant way to immerse yourself in the local culture of any place, whether home or away. If you would usually drive everywhere you go then it becomes very easy to miss stand-out landmarks.

Go to a New Restaurant

There is no need to travel halfway across the world to experience great food. Your own city, or those nearby, are guaranteed to have plenty of wonderful hidden gems that you've never even considered trying or never even knew were there. Whilst on your staycation, you should make a point of trying new foods from new restaurants that you wouldn't usually opt for. Ditch the usual sausage and mash or pizza and chips - instead go for something you wouldn't normally think of trying in the UK.

A great way of ensuring you try as many new foods as possible is to make a list of all the around-the-world foodie treats that you'd like to give a chance. Then, go on a scavenger hunt and find restaurants in your staycation city where you can order all those unique foods.

Make Time to Relax

A staycation provides the perfect opportunity to properly take time for yourself and relax - even more so than holidays abroad. You have far fewer things to plan for and consider when staying at home for your vacation which makes it much easier to find time to relax. Whether you want to have a morning lie in, read your favourite book, have a pamper day or go for a calming stroll, make sure you devote part of your staycation to yourself.


No matter where your staycation is, I would always advise going off the grid. This means turning off your phone, ignoring all emails and detoxing from social media. Whatever it takes to disconnect from your usual life, do it!

Disconnecting is especially important on a staycation because it is so easy to get sucked into your normal day-to-day life seeing as you are still at home. To enjoy your staycation to the max and make the most of being off work, you should try your best to embrace the current moment and live in the present.

Tick Something off Your Bucket List

A staycation provides the ideal opportunity to cross off those activities you've always wanted to do but never have. Go down your bucket list and see what you can tick off in your local area. Whether there is a class you've been dying to go to, or a new activity you want to try. Get into horseback riding, discover your passion for dance or try your hand at painting.

A staycation is the perfect time to try out those one-time activities too. See if there is something unique to try in your staycation destination that you've never even considered before. Go rock climbing, throw an axe or even skydive!

#4 Book Your Staycation Accommodation

Staycation Accommodation

Staycation Accommodation

Airbnb Apartments

There are plenty of Airbnb apartment options to choose from wherever you are in the world. Whatever type of accommodation you are looking for, you can certainly find it on Airbnb. Airbnb is a great choice for staycations because they are so exceptionally versatile which means that you can stay in something completely new and unique just a few miles down the road.

One-of-a-kind staycation accommodation options are aplenty on Airbnb. Whether you want to stay in a boat, a treehouse, a wooden cabin or even a castle - you'll find it all on Airbnb.

Hotel Rooms

Perhaps you are looking for something a little more relaxing to stay in, in which case, a luxurious hotel room makes the perfect choice. With so many hotels to choose from in every city around the world, you won't have any trouble finding a classy hotel room that fits your budget and meets all your staycation wants and needs.

Many hotel rooms even have breakfast included in the price or have other fabulous facilities that you can enjoy on your holiday, including swimming pools, gyms, spas and beautiful gardens.


Alternatively, you might want to get closer to nature and enjoy the great outdoors in your area. If this is the case, then camping is surely the best accommodation choice for you. An excellent low-budget option, while camping under the stars, you can experience your home in ways that you never have before. So, simply grab your tent and sleeping bag and enjoy a night under the stars on your staycation.

#5 What to Pack for Your Staycation

Staycation Packing

Staycation Packing

Packing for a staycation is a little different to packing for any other globe-trotting vacation. Especially when staycationing in the UK, you have to consider a range of different factors, including the weather, the journey and what activities you might be taking part in during your holiday at home.

To help you know what essentials to pack for your staycation, I have compiled a staycation packing list. Follow this list and you are sure to be fully equipped for whatever activities you get up to and whatever the weather chooses to throw your way.

For the Journey

It is likely that you will be driving to your staycation destination and you need to keep yourself entertained during those hours stuck in the car. The perfect car journey companion is a pair of headphones to blast out your favourite vacation tunes.

It is best to opt for a pair that are noise-cancelling to shut out the world and everyone else in the car. You might even be lucky enough to catch some z's along the way. Headphones will also come in handy if you plan on doing some sunbathing on your staycation – if the weather permits.

For the Weather


Even if you're staycationing somewhere like the UK, where the weather is usually drab and dreary, it is still crucial that you protect your skin with SPF. But, sunscreen becomes even more essential when you're venturing on a summer staycation or live somewhere sunny. If the weather is nice and you're planning on visiting somewhere with a beach, where sun exposure is guaranteed, then make sure you pack your sun cream.

When shopping for your staycation sunscreen, it is best to opt for one that has a 'broad spectrum' label which means that it will provide protection from both UVA and UVB rays. When combined, these sun rays can cause sunburn, premature skin ageing and skin wrinkling and pigmentation.

Rainproof Jacket

Perhaps more suited to a staycation in the UK is a warm, rainproof jacket or coat. Even in the British summertime, the heavens have a tendency to suddenly open and pour down on you.

A waterproof jacket is especially important if you're planning an action-packed staycation, with long hikes, walks bike rides and other outdoor adventures. It is crucial to make sure that you have the top outdoor gear to keep you warm and dry in the unpredictable British weather. It is a good idea to opt for a coat that will keep the rain off your back, but that is also lightweight enough to allow you to walk long distances.

For the Memories

As with any vacation, you need to make and keep memories. For avid photographers, a staycation is the ideal opportunity to brush up on your photo-taking skills. When shopping for a staycation camera, it is best to choose a compact style that is easy to slip into your pocket or your backpack for spur of the moment pictures.

Follow these top tips on how to plan the perfect staycation in 2021 and have the time of your life taking a break in your home country.

Planning Staycation

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