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Rome, the capital of Italy, is the country's largest city and one of its most beautiful. The combination of architecture, history and art make Rome one of the best cities in the world to visit. It's no wonder that more than seven million people visited the city in 2019. Although the numbers were surely lower in 2020, it has been a crazy year.
Over the years it has become known for its culinary scene, as well as its beauty and architecture. The countless attractions you can visit in this amazing city will surely keep you occupied. However, if you are looking to venture out and explore a little bit this guide is for you. It's very easy to get a sensory overload in Rome from all the sights and things to see. For this reason, we've put together this best day trips from Rome guide. Getting away from the Eternal City is a great way to unload.

We recommend incorporating such a trip towards the middle of your vacation if you are staying for more than 5 days. When you are staying for less than 5 days, we think Rome will keep you occupied enough not to think about going out of the city.

Day Trip to Ostia

Ostia is the ancient port of Rome, and today, it is a charming fishing town. Visiting Ostia is great for two reasons.
First, you can check out Ostia Antica, the historical site of the old port. There are various different ruins to see and enjoy here including a neatly preserved amphitheatre. However, if you feel like you can't take any more look at old ruins, you can head straight to the seaside of Ostia.

As Rome is not directly located on the shores, this little fishing town is a perfect day-trip to enjoy some the sea. Here you are able to get away from the main crowds and walk on the more quiet streets compared to Rome. As a fishing town, we wholeheartedly recommend grabbing some seafood for lunch or dinner in Ostia.

How to get to Ostia from Rome?

If you are renting a car, it takes around 50 minutes from Rome city centre to reach Ostia city centre. However, that is with light traffic. As we all know the Italian rush hour can get especially crazy and traffic jams will ensue. For this reason, it's good to plan ahead when travelling by car.

On the other hand, the town is very easily accessible by train. To check out the ancient port, you are looking to get off the train at Ostia Antica station. If you want to head directly to the seashore you should hop off at Ostia Lido Centrum station.

Day Trip to Tivoli

Tivoli, an hour outside of Rome's city centre, is a beautiful town that's well worth the visit. Tivoli was once the summer residence of Roman emperors and nobles. As such, the town is still filled with ancient ruins, beautifully preserved villas, and gardens.

Tivoli is famous (among other things) for its waterfalls and Villa d'Este. On your trip, you should plan to visit the Villa d'Este and Villa Adriana. The Villa d'Este was a beautiful Renaissance villa built by Cardinal Ippolito d'Este. It is famous for its elaborate fountains and grottoes. Villa d'Este and Villa Adriana are both part of the UNESCO World Heritage sites.
When visiting Tivoli, you have to keep in mind the distances. Although it's a small hilly town, Villa Adriana is not in the city centre. In fact, it's quite some way out. You can expect a lot of walking, but you won't mind as the landscape and town will provide a picturesque backdrop. For this reason plan enough time to be able to visit everything you want in Tivoli.

How to get to Tivoli from Rome?

This is another destination that's quite close to Rome. When the traffic is great you should be able to make the trip in around 35 minutes with a car. However, when the traffic is horrible it can take up to two hours to get to Tivoli. Once again, as it's close to Rome, we recommend opting for public transport.

If you are looking at public transportation options, our tip is the train. You will need to get off the train at Tivoli's Tiburtina Station. The train journey itself is quite beautiful and entertaining. As you slowly climb the surrounding hillsides you will have great views of the area.

The third option for visiting Tivoli is on a guided tour. We highly recommend considering this option. Since some of the attractions are far away from each other, and the terrain can be hilly, it's convenient to be transported around by a tour guide. You will also be able to learn about the history and some interesting facts if you choose this option.

Day Trip to Pompeii

Pompeii is an ancient Roman ruined city near Naples in southern Italy. It was destroyed and buried under 4 to 6 m (13 to 20 ft) of ash and pumice in the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in A.D. 79. Pompeii was lost for nearly 1,500 years before its accidental rediscovery in 1748.

Due to the tragic history of the city, it's a very interesting place to check out. It is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. From the Roman ruins to the town's cobbled streets to the volcanic eruption that wiped it all out, there's so much to do and see in Pompeii. On top of that, the town itself is so charming that you'll want to stay for as long as possible.

How to get to Pompeii from Rome?

Travelling by car it takes around 2:30-3:00 hours to get to Pompeii. Although it's a totally doable distance, you should consider the distance when choosing how to get there.
If you are opting for the train it will take around the same time. The total travelling duration will depend on how many stops your train makes. It can be as quick as 2:20 or as slow as 3 hours.

We think the best way to see it all and not get tired due to the travelling is a guided tour. They are available directly from Rome. You will be taken around the most important sights, with great and useful commentary from the tour guide.

Day Trip to Parco regionale dei Castelli Romani

Perhaps you are looking to get into nature. You've had enough of the big city, and have no interest in checking out yet another one. The Parco Regionale dei Castelli Romani is made just for you. It's right outside of Rome and offers great hiking trails in nature.

The park only has a couple of small villages. Apart from that, there are some villas and a small lake. This lake is like a miniature version of Lake Como. Surrounded by beautiful hills and hiking trails. Anyone looking for a truly off-the-beaten-path experience will appreciate this destination too.

How to get to Parco regionale dei Castelli Romani from Rome?

You can get to the area in around one hour with car. It's actually a great place to visit with the car if you are looking to cover a lot of ground. Moving around the small towns of the park will be effortless if you bring a car.

If you want to get there via public transport, you can either go to Frascati or Albano Laziale, both easy to reach from Rome. From these cities, you can use the local public transportation system to travel between the small villages.

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