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By Princetanaka | Apr 14, 2019
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The ruins city of Great Zimbabwe

The ruins city of Great Zimbabwe

The best thing that happened to Zimbabwe was to be naturally placed in the Sub Saharan region which is nothing but a wonderful blessing. Given the good climatic conditions, the teapot shaped nation is one of the best tourist destinations as it is neither too ho or too cold for any visitor but just good.

So one can easily travel to Zimbabwe without any fears for a harsh climate but just a lot of tourist hotspots, resort areas, and a lot of game parks. Due to the pleasant nature the country is good for touring at any time of the year and no visitor will be disappointed as even the winter we have here is much warmer than Siberia, Alaska or even England so anytime of the year will do.

If you like water resorts, there is a huge list you can choose from but today i will recommend a few. There is the great Victoria Falls, which is one of the worlds natural 7 wonders of the world and recieves a lot of tourists all year round, from all over the globe. Then there is the largest man-made inland lake which has the name Kariba and is also known for great numbers of tourists, but its just a little bit warmer so dont carry any jerseys or sweaters when going there. Also there are other areas like Bridal Veil Fall, Mutarazi Falls, Steven Margolis resort among others

If you are a fan of nature and adventure Zimbabwe also has the best of areas you can visit all year round. The Vumba mountains will add a chill to your blood but fun to explore also having a walk in the Vumba botanical garden. If you like climbing, the Inyangani mountain is a task worth noting as you will also hear the myths and facts about the areas. The Chimanimani mountains and Matobo hills can also be noted among many other natural marvellous areas. The Chinhoyi caves can not go unnoticed as they are a force to reckon with when it comes to top destinations and will write more about that some time soon.

Talking about man made resort areas the teapot-shaped country is also home to a lot of them including the magnificent Great Zimbabwe which was built without mortar but has stood for centuries. Khami Ruins and Inyanga Ruins also potray the great history of the nation and so history loving travellers should not skip these ones. The newest kid on the block is the skyline which was constructed over Mutarazi falls and is only for those with strong hearts as it is one of the highest in Africa and therefore worth visiting.

The national parks like Hwange, Mans pools and Gonarezhou are some of the best in the region and good places for camping. So for animal lovers the best treats are there for you, with even other parks like Snake park and Lion and Cheetah park not forgetting the crocodile farms adding to the list of animal destinations.

The truth is, there is a lot I can say about Zimbabwe and it wont fit enough in one post but it can persuade anyone, anywhere in the world to visit.

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