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By TravelAr76 | Aug 12, 2019
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The Adriatic Sea

Dubrovnik is perhaps the most beautiful city on the Adriatic Sea. The orange roofs, bright coloured walls make a great contrast with the blue of the Adriatic. It is also a very popular cruise port. If you fly to Dubrovnik, make sure you're sitting in the left hand side of the aircraft and you might get lucky to see the city during approach, weather and arrival route permitting off course.

Dubrovnik seen during approach to airport

Dubrovnik seen during approach to airport

More than the city

Before I take you to the city of Dubrovnik, and all the great Insta hotspots you can find here, I want to tell you how incredible beautiful the surrounding is.

If you've ever been to the Côte d'Azure you will notice to resemblance off the coast line in Southeastern France. The Croatian coast is stunning and due to its position on the Adriatic Sea very suitable for some relaxation and soaking up the sun.

We extended our stay in Dubrovnik with a few days and stayed at Sun Gardens which is about 10 kilometres outside Dubrovnik. It is a big complex with a 5 start hotel and luxury apartments (see photo inset). It has 3 outdoor pools, a good wellness inside the hotel, multiple restaurants and a few shops.

Drone shot over Sun Gardens

Drone shot over Sun Gardens

You have a scenic view on the Adriatic Sea from basically anywhere. Parking is free of charge and they offer transfer to bot Airport and City. I have absolutely no collaboration with the hotel whatsoever, but this accommodation did exceed our expectations and therefore worth mentioning. Please see my blog for the link to the hotel.

Scenic views from apartments

Scenic views from apartments

Getting around

Dubrovnik Airport is modern and has ample space, so no packed holiday feelings here. To get to the city you have three options. 1) The bus, these cost around €12 and takes around 30 minutes. 2) Taxi, according to my research taxi costs around €30 and. takes around 20 minutes. 3) Rent a car, which I did. All the major car rental companies are present at Dubrovnik Airport, walk outside de terminal and cross the street, they are all located together.


The first thing you need to understand is that the Old City of Dubrovnik is very compact, everything is well within walking distance. If your hotel is a little further away from the Old City, there are a few bus lines running through the city and to cities and location in the whole region.

Another thing which is good to realise is that because of the compactness of the city, and the huge number of tourist who come here, it can get very crowded in the Old City. If that is not your thing, I would come in spring or autumn when it is a little less crowded. The crowds can get really bad when more cruise ships at once make berth in the port. You can check online when cruise ships make port in Dubrovnik here.

Typical street in Old Town Dubrovnik

Typical street in Old Town Dubrovnik


Yes, you can fly your drone in Croatia! You only need a permit to do so. Don't worry, it is simple and cheap. Go to the website of the Croatian Aviation Agency and follow instructions. I was able to get mine in 7 days. Go to my blog, instagram or youtube channel to see the flight over Fort Lovrijenac.

Drone shot of Fort Lovrijenac

Drone shot of Fort Lovrijenac

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