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By SuitcaseTravelBlog | Jan 15, 2021
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Japan is very convenient for people. Looks like everything is thought out to the details, that makes your life much easier.

All transportation runs on time. You can actually rely on trains and buses.

Convenient luggage service is helpful. The company can send your luggage from any part of the country to another. And you can continue traveling light.

Easy to order food at a restaurant, even if you don't speak Japanese. Restaurants display plastic replica food in the windows, so you can see how your meals will look like. Most cafés have colorful menus full of accurate pictures of the prepared dishes..

Convenience stores are open 24 hours and sell just about everything you could need, including food that actually tastes good, hot and cold drinks.

Lots of vending machines with a variety of drinks.

On rainy days of course, we need an umbrella, and you can buy it everywhere. But the most brilliant thing is when you come inside the store you will find an umbrella bag dispenser. You can simply insert your umbrella into the dispenser and will avoid rainwater dripping all over the floor.

If you need to use the internet or make a phone call, there the pocket WIFI available for rent, and it is a convenient and helpful option.

In Japan, public toilets are everywhere. They are high-tech, convenient and well maintained. It is free to use, and toilet paper is always provided. But my advice is – learn how to use the toilet before your trip and have with you little towel, because not all washrooms have hand dryer or paper.

Absolutely incredible and polite customer services

And there so much more…

Japan is a pleasure to travel around, with reliable services, polite staff, and generally helpful and friendly people! Wherever you're from, when you return home, you'll be sure to miss the convenience of Japan!

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