10 Most Amazing Things to Do in Detroit

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10 Most Amazing Things to Do in Detroit

10 Most Amazing Things to Do in Detroit

Vibrant Detroit has an intriguing history and a promising future, making it a popular tourist destination in the United States. Originated as the Autogenic City, it's also now renowned for Henry Ford's first automobiles. You can travel on the banks of the Detroit River, explore the world-class Henry Ford Museum, and then attend a ballgame at the gleaming stadium all in one day. Music, art, and sports enthusiasts will be able to find plenty of amazing things to do in Detroit such as learning more about the birth of Motown Records, visiting the world-famous Detroit Institute of Art, and seeing a show at The Fox Theater. However, peeks at most the thrilling attractions Motown provides hardly scratch the surface.

1. Detroit Institute of Arts

DIA, located across from the Detroit Public Library, showcases the most internationally known works of visual art. Possessed by a significant contribution to the arts, Detroit is becoming a hub for artists and this institution, DIA, is working hard to maintain its reputation globally. Various historic pieces of art may be on display at your museum for hours. Its foremost treasure is a former French chapel that was moved to the art museum after World War I. Devotedly transported many stones stone by stone from Carrara, Italy, to a Detroit museum, the chapel and its meticulously stained-glass windows leave a visitor speechless. Having two days to devote to the tour is smart for visitors.

2. Eastern Market

The Eastern Market in Detroit, Michigan, has been a fixture of the town community for over 150 years, bringing together farmers, vendors and potential buyers. Worthy of exploration, many vendors sell everything from fresh produce to clothing, art, jewelry and products that you might not even know existed. The hip cafes and restaurants strewn all over the city are the greatest specialty shops along with over 220 other vendors. Be sure you bring your camera to capture the sight of the murals on the high street. Spend the night among one of Bert's Underground Theater's many live concerts of classic Motown music. Saturday is the busiest day at Eastern Market, with up to 40,000 people swarming there. The boat to Eastern Market from another venue might prove more nerve-racking than going alone.

3. Motown Museum

The Motown Museum, the place where many African American legends got their start, was where visitors got to see a replica of the idol rifle the singers used. During the tour of the museum, visitors will comprehend why the words "Hitsville USA" are carved into the museum's façade. The video preview is followed by a 20-minute tribute to the Motown founder Berry Gordy. This featurette illustrates the influence of The Supremes and The Temptations in terms of creating genres. Followers of music will be pleased to listen to the music of the movie, which ends in the recording studio site where hit songs like Ain't No Mountain High Enough were created.

4. Belle Isle

Thirty miles east of the city of Washington is Belle Isle, which has developed into a breathtaking nature reserve that provides outdoor opportunities for a diverse assortment of people. At Belle Isle, you will encounter various engaging things to do for visitors, such as hiking, fishing, playing golf, and sunbathing at the beach. The Belle Isle Aquarium features stunning displays of underwater wildlife. If you're interested in the history of the area, the Great Lakes Museum is a great place to spend a rainy day. Belle Isle is located near the center of the Detroit River on a free bike or foot transit. There's also paid access to the bridge to drive.

5. The Henry Ford Experience

Returning to the Motor City Entrepreneurial Tour of the Henry Ford Experience to enjoy three unique areas of the experience is the ideal way to spend a day in Detroit. You can travel through the nation's past while visiting a present-day manufacturing facility and listening to magnificent music. The Ford Rouge Factory is among the most popular tourist attractions, since you get to perform important work on a life-size assembly line. Renaissance-style excursions await you in Greenfield Village, a village that merges historical America with Disney history. Your experience is completed with a visit to the Ford Museum, which is a showcase of United States history. The museum is located near Detroit International Airport, making it an ideal place to visit between downtown Detroit and the downtown district.

6. Attend a major sports ballgame

Detroit is well known for its contributions to several major leagues throughout US history, including American football, baseball, baseball, and ice hockey. Keeping with the city's storied tradition, 24 championships have been won by the National, American League, National Basketball Association, and the Analysts' Hockey Club, so hard-core sports games can be seen practically daily. Detroit is known as Hockeytown due to the prevalence the Red Wings have in the area over recent decades. Detroit has experienced its share of playoff games since 2015 at Little Caesars Arena, and it's always captivating. Comerica Park, the home of the Tigers, also takes the prize for the best value as a sports venue with a carousel and a Ferris wheel situated within it.

7. Detroit Public Library

The main Detroit Public Library, located just across from the Detroit Institute of Art, is a good place for both literature-lovers and families. Given that numerous books reside in the building, it will not be surprising that moms and dads come here on dreary days. The grandly decorated interior of this library makes one stop to buy a historic book. There is no better place to learn about an exciting new book than in their map room. In the Burton Historical Collection department, you too can even peruse old tomes. A rotating variety of featured exhibits are on display during your visit to the Library. It's closed on Mondays, and visitors coming from the Warren Avenue streetcar stop should take just a few steps to reach the location.

8. Fox Theater

The Wolf Theater downtown features various performing arts programs, musical performances, live acts, and comedic performances. The theater's grand hall boasts a vibrant red velvet decor with comfortable seats made from walnut wood.
The Fox Theater venue has nearly 5,000 seats, which is virtually indistinguishable to that of a sporting arena. Attending the theater during the wintertime holidays is the optimal time to go to the venue, as you may see the acclaimed New York Ballet's production of The Nutcracker almost nightly. A variety of restaurant and cafe options are available at the venue with seating throughout the theater, and so remember to devote a while to eating beforehand.

9. The Belt

Late at night in a Detroit alleyway, far from the eyes of passersby, and designated as a canvas for a modern art exhibit full of stylish nightclubs, it is the Belt's secret contributing to the former garment district's fascination. Architecturally, it is designated because of its place in the former downtown garment district and known because of the tasteful music venues it is lined with. The crowd at the two best bars of the district stands apart. Two vivified indoor/outdoor bars at Skip are a Caribbean theme and a colorful bar with delicious flatbreads. A swanky, red-brick warehouse district spot with a happy hour provides the perfect spot for the locals who enjoy a more refined night out. Revel in the cool murals as you make your way back out of the fray.

10 Greektown

The area of Manhattan in which a number of Greek immigrants lived during the course of the 20th century contained a densely populated Greek community, as did the area's bars, restaurants, and nightclubs that served traditional Greek fare. Conversations in the lively atmosphere could straightforwardly be mistook for conversations in Greece. The Pegasus Taverna and the Greek Grille are the two signature restaurants to sample. Begin with an olive-flavored breadstick before moving on to a salad made of fresh Greek figs, and then dive into a dish filled with spinach and mushrooms. Don't miss out on generously heaping your plate with the classic lemon-filled bougatsa pastry to finish it all up. The Greektown Casino is one of many popular night spots in Greektown, known for its high rate of crowd participation.

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