How to Visit an Offbeat and Ancient Indian Temple?

By mytravellingstilettos | Jan 29, 2021
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The temple after which the Parliament of India is built!

Have you been to Chausath Yogini Temple (also called Ekattarso Mahadeva Mandir) in the Morena district of Madhya Pradesh? Or, seen any pic of it?

Does the structure of the temple remind you of anything? Any famous building of our time?

Okay, let me give you a clue. A circular structure adorned with multiple pillars along its periphery.

Still not. Hmm, okay. I will tell you. But let me first tell you about this temple a bit.

A few months back I came across few ancient temples on the internet in the Morena district of Madhya Pradesh. One of them is Chausath Yogini Temple in Mitaoli village.

Chausath means 64 and Yogini means female monk. The temple, built in the 11th century, consists of two concentric circular structures. The outer structure has 64 chambers and pillars each dedicated to one Yogini who used to perform religious activities in the temple. Thus the name is derived.

Present days India there are so many restrictions on women about performing religious duties, some temples even deny entry. A temple built in the 11th century has only females performing religious duties. Even it was named after them instead of the deity inside the temple. Interesting, right?

Another interesting fact, the Parliament of India is designed after this temple. Can you draw the similarity now?

Where is it?

Near Gwalior city in the Morena district of the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh.

How to visit?

Book a cab from Gwalior for a round trip to this place. A return trip from Gwalior will take 3-4 hours.


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