Staying at a Deluxe Resort at Universal has its perks!

By alyssamaisano | Mar 10, 2019
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Staying at one of the three Deluxe Resort Hotels has it's perks! Consider this when planning your Orlando family vacation or adults getaway. The proximity to the parks can't be beat with just a quick ride on the boat or a short walk on the path, you are right next door to the parks! Plus, when you stay at either Hard Rock Hotel, Lowes Portofino Bay or Lowes Royal Pacific, you get the Unlimited Express Pass included! Consider this when thinking about your stay. The Unlimited Express Pass gets you access to certain attractions in a faster que without waiting in the longer standby line. Unlimited means you can go through the fast lane as many times as you want! It's amazing! You do not have to have a set schedule or time. Walking by Transformers ride and there is a long line, no problem, head to the Express pass lane and get right on. The room key for your hotel now acts as the Express pass ticket. I put mine in a lanyard and wore around my neck for easy access. There are employees in the line que to help you and they do take a photo of you to make sure it is YOU as you enter. Something new I just learned on my travels there in February was the Hogwarts Express is now Express Pass!

Lowes Portofino Bay

Lowes Portofino Bay

Universal Orlando

Universal Orlando

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