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Tokyo is the capital of Japan and probably the first destination we reach. In Tokyo we have a lot to see both old and modern, making a list with everything that is to be seen is impossible, so these are just some of the places that can be seen.

Akihabara 秋葉原

It is the area of electronic stores, photography, video games, manga, otaku culture and coffee maids.
We can find from small computer stores, major department stores of major brands, neon lights and large videowalls, give it a futuristic and post-modern look, all in a street that on Sundays, is closed to traffic, to facilitate shopping or just walk around.

Tokyo Tower 東京タワー

It is the Eiffel Tower of Tokyo, although it is smaller than the French, it is 8.6 meters higher and it is a symbol of the city.
You can climb it to two different levels and enjoy stunning views of Tokyo from above.

Shibuya 渋谷区

In addition to its numerous shopping centers, this neighborhood is known for its famous shibuya crossing and for the Hachico dog.
The crossing of shibuya is the most crossed in the world and a spectacle for tourists and the statue located in the same square and dedicated to Hachico, the faithful dog, who awaits the return of his owner as he did every day, suddenly passed away and that for years I've been waiting for him. Hachi: A Dog's Tale and starring Richard Gere, he told us his story.

Odaiba お台場

It is an artificial island in the bay of Tokyo, connected to the city by the Rainbow Bridge. As of 1990, a tourist and leisure area was developed as an important area, with several large hotels and shopping centers.
Fuji TV, is another attraction as well as the Disney park or the scale replica of the Statue of Liberty.

Sensō-ji 金龍山浅草寺

It is the most visited temple in Tokyo, as the temple is still used as a place of worship and at the same time it is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the city.
Founded in the year 645 makes this the oldest temple in Tokyo, although during World War II it was destroyed and rebuilt in its entirety.
Between the main door and the temple is the Nakamise street with shops on both sides of the street is a good place to find souvenirs for all budgets.

Nakamise Street 仲見世商店街

On both sides of this street that extends about 250 meters from the Kaminarimon portico to the Hozomon portico of the Senso-ji Temple, there are about 90 stalls selling souvenirs and food.

Tokyo Skytree 東京 スカイ ツリ

It is the highest artificial structure in Japan since 2010, with a height of 634 m, is a broadcasting tower, restaurant and two viewing points, one at 350 meters and the highest at 450 meters.
It is the best viewpoint of Tokyo and one of the icons of the city.

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